Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Singapore trip

Finally, our plan for a short weekend break to Singapore actually happened. It was so hard for us girls to plan the trip nicely, but still at the end Q and Lynn need to tarik diri because of some emergency matters. Too bad you girls can't join! Coz i know if you tag along the trip wouldve been more fun! :)

So only 3 of us remaining. First day was a bit chaotic coz me and Elina ended waking up late (as usual..). Luckily we made it by paying extra to the taxi driver and i guess we almost caused Lane heart attack.

We stayed at a penthouse living namely 1bnbsingapore. ( . I think the website has exaggerated too much until they blinded our eyes. For those who are going, I suggest better if you take budget hotel in singapore i think there are quite a numbers of it. At least you can get proper hotel service. Unlike this place, aircond rosak in the middle of the night and we ended up sleeping with the stand fan, coz we had no one to contact.! sedih tak..sob sob..kitorang dah tertipu..lynn and q, lucky u dont have to experience it.! :p

We spent our first day going to Orchard. As usual did a little shopping coz i tak berani nak spend so much. Then we met Lane's friend and he brought us for makan-makan.

We went for Sentosa on the 2nd day. This was my first time going there and it was full of excitement!! Luckily i tak bawak banyak duit, if not satu Sentosa tu i tour and went on each and every rides. I don't think you will see the excitement by reading this post. Nanti i'll post the pictures so u can see how much fun we had there. Kan Lane? Kan Elina? :p


nieja said...

souvenier mano..??

Miss Ilah said...

souvenir tarak la my dear..
i pokai maa!