Saturday, May 30, 2009

Remember those days?

Dear diary,

Yesterday when I was roaming unnecessarily at the mall, suddenly i just realized i ended up at the kids' toys section. Being there alone, it does reminisces my childhood memories, especially when i stumbled upon looking at wonderful and latest collection of Barbie dolls.

Do you know that i used to be a fan of Barbie dolls? i think this is the only thing i forgot to mention in my old diary :) As far as i remember, i have collected around 30+ barbie, then at the age of 14 years old, i stopped buying it.Probably I have sworn to myself that when the day came, i would stop involving myself with all those kids stuff. Lambat gila kan matured. ha ha ha

I still remember what was it like when we played our dolls. My big sister, Et was not inclined into those stuff, so the only sibling left to play with was Mimie. Mimie has a huge collection of Barbie as me, but knowing her, she hardly took care of the dolls. I kept all my dolls in a cabinet in my parents' room, whilst Mimie put in a big black plastic trash bag .ha ha. no offence ya borak :) So, on one fine evening, my maid, who was happened to tidying up Mimie's room at time, mistakenly thought that the plastic bag contained trash. So she took it, and burnt it, together with other trashes. There goes the full set of Mimie's barbie dolls..sob sob kesiannnnn..:p

So, Mimie had to start collecting again, while i still had mine. While she began collecting, i lent her some of my dolls. When we played, we will have full set of Barbie stuffs, ranging from the clothings, combs, shoes, and not to mention on the furniture sets, living room, dining room, kitchen. We even had a camping set. So there was a time when our Barbie scene getting bored, we set a scene on Barbie & friends went on a camping. :p

kikikiki.. I giggled when I remember how sweet the moment was. Especially when we made a scene where Barbie needs to have a boyfriend. Our problem was, we did not have Ken's dolls. So we just used the 'cheap' Ken and rotate it among the dolls.

Until now, I still keep my first Barbie doll. She was plain and ordinary. She wore pink ruffles dress, and tied hair. her skin was a little bit dark, Chindian barbie maybe :-p

My last barbie doll was Jewel hair mermaid barbie. It was a gift from my mom's friend. and can u imagine, the barbie was still sealed in the box. i haven't unsealed the package. she has the longest hair with gold costume. If you wanna see the picture of it, see below.

I really miss those childhood moments. Well, Barbie is just a part of it. I still keep my Barbie dolls in a proper place. I love all of them, probably its time for me to give away, possibly to my future daughters soon :-)

To my lovely siblings, Keyoe, Et, Mat and Mimie, this post is actually dedicate to all of you. I wanted to tell the whole world how much I miss our childhood times and how much I am blessed have wonderful siblings..;-)

cheers, hugs n kisses,

What I Want for My B'day #4

Actually, I am still deciding on which one should i choose? Whether its Flora by Gucci or Paul Smith Floral. hmm..both are floral scents. but i think i'd prefer Paul smith Floral, as it smells nicer and softer. plus it is EDP. can last longer.
or can i have both...?? :-p

What I Want for My B'day #3

"Mannequin Jewellery Holder".
I don't know whats the name of this stuff. I guess its just a Jewellery holder. kat atas tu i just reka2 je.
I don't have a proper place to store my necklaces. so i guess this is the perfect for all my necklaces. kan?? hehehe Kat Ikano ada jual ;-)
any designs are acceptable..but the mannequin dress have to be glamor sikit k.
pleaseeeeeeee???? :-)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Yet Another trip . .:p

from left : ilah, elina, mimie, kak zt

It's guessing time again! ;-) Siapa boleh teka kite pegi mana cuti-cuti hari tu .
Will update soon he he he
guess first...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

What I Want for My B'day #2

Some of you might know that i am a lingerie-freak. Anyway, Triumph has come out with amazing designs which nearly locked up me for few hours around its area in the department store. is anyone of you kind enough to give me one of those wonderful pieces? :-p

Thank you very much
xoxo :X
Disclaimer : picture above is just for illustration.

What I Want for My B'day #1

Ehem..this is my very first wish list. Been wanting to have a white Persian cat for ages. :-)
Can't wait to have one. This actually has been booked. kikiki.Nanti i announce who's the lucky winner.
Anyway, mummy did not really agree with the idea of me owning a pet. dia cakap after one month bulu dah takde..isk..i'll try my best to take care of her.
cheers. :X

Cry, tears and such

People tend to have different thoughts on crying. Some of them might(mostly guys, no offence) think crying (esp crying women) is pathetic and weak, or could be irritating.

To me, I perceive crying/tears as the other way round.

I admit, i am a woman, who can easily cry. I may look strong outside, but inside, i am fatigue, and weak.

Having said that, I DON'T cry for no absolute reasons.

-I cried when I lost my lovely datuk, nenek and uncles.
-I cried when Papa was admitted to the hospital when I was in secondary school.
-I dropped my tears for happiness or touching moment.
-I cried when I feel sad and really down.
-I dropped my tears if somebody told me that they love me so much.
-I shed my tears when Mummy told me that I'm a good girl and she's proud of me.
-I cried when I got a 58/100('C') marks for my Agama Islam paper when i was Standard 4.
-I shed my tears when thinking on good times and bad times.
-I shed my tears if i did something bad to somebody.
-I cried when I lose people that I love.
-I cried when I feel alone.
-I dropped my tears when i really..really miss somebody.

So folks, don't perceive those who cry are weak. They have reasons when they cry. Why should they waste their tears for no reasons?

and, i am not a drama queen ;-)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Birthday Wish List

Since another 30 days to go for my upcoming birthday, be alert for my birthday wish lists posts! :P

Nabilah Ibrahim wishes time to stop ticking now . . .

It's 8th of May 2009.
Sad but true :-(
Sometimes we must be wondering to ourselves, how fast the time flies .and i'm sure most of you wish that time would actually stop, for whatever reasons that you had in your mind?

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Kadang Kadang Kan . .

Kadang Kadang kan.. Saya rindu lah kat saya yang dulu :-)

meaning..saya yang chubby and short hair..betul lah orang cakap.manusia ni tak pernah nak bersyukur dengan apa yang ada. whatever it is, i am happy with i am now. cuma kadang2 rindu aje he he he

gambar ni masa raya 2008. ada one of my friend tu.cakap gambar saya pakai baju ni nampak macam saya baru lepas telan kambing seekor. isk isk..jahat betul la :-p

saya betul-betul rindu this moment...

It's Saturday :-)

My big preggy sister and hubby spent their blessed long weekend in KL. So today, we went for a little shopping spree since my baby's birthday party is coming soon :-)

Hm..dunno lah lately been talking and posting too much of my baby Arissa. maybe dah kempunan nak ada baby girl kot.Sorry yer~ some more i am expecting my first lil niece this coming June. Hopefully, her birthday will somewhat fall on the same day or near my birthday.

We went for Sunway Pyramid to shop for arissa's bday gift, this was my first time going there after the opening of new wing/block. Such a shame, isnt't it? I memang occassionally je go to that area, this afternoon pon we went there since we had late lunch at Nasi Ayam Kg Hassan. and since Charles&Keith is having its opening on 1st of May, just thought of dropping by a little while to visit my two cousins ni kikiki. and at the end, i ended up spending one shoes, but of course, for work purpose k..but seriously, lately i think i've been spending too much on shoes and clothes. i better start watching before my old habit datang balik.

To Teh, if you want to take a look at the dress that i bought for Arissa, i am posting it below. Sorry for the bad quality pix. Can't wait to see my baby tomato in this dress

Nite, xoxo