Wednesday, March 10, 2010

and yes.. I'm still alive :)


O' dear.
Not sure how many comebacks i've made in my very own blog. i am terribly sorry if i did promise some of you to provide some updates on certain stuffs, but one thing for sure is that, i' shall not be writing as regular as before. i had greater commitments in real world as compared to the virtual world (minus the fact that i work with computers and virtual world 8-5 monday to friday). lame excuse, but i guess that's the only reason i have in mind. So, my promise to you, i'll try to keep you updated on whatever postings which i love to share, whenever i really have time.

Loads of things happened from November 09 to date. there were times when i felt i was at the loose edge, due to various factors. then as normal human being, we'll get up again, and try hard to move on.

The biggest turning point was of course the change of my status, from a girl to a woman, an event which has turned my life to a remarkable degree, in which to be exact, from 'single' to 'married', the one and only career that requires lifetime commitment ;-)

well, i don't intend to blab so much in this post. the initial intention was just a brief & short. I will tell more stories in the next one.

and to conclude, yes, i am still alive and kicking. i am still the same Ilah as before. no matter how life has turned me, it has always been the same me. life is always unpredictable. but if you're intelligent enough to handle it, you'll go through it. see you in the next post dear.*hugs*