Friday, August 29, 2008

Highlights of Phi Phi trip

The Brazilian Wax

I think i was pointing to the wrong service. Yeah, i finally did it! After so long waiting and at that only time i have the courage. and i was successful in draggin Mary and Mimie as well

I can still remember how did they sound. Mimie was the first one to enter.

Mimie : "Ouchhhh..sakitt"

Ilah : "ouch.." but tinier voice.

Mary : "ohhh man..damnnnn...mek lahhh..kau tipuuu"

The Tsunami Survivor stall ~Mr Samee

We were looking for a nice halal shop and we were very attracted at the way he greeted us. and the big banner of "Thank you sign" did pull us to his stall as well. And while eating, Mr Samee told us the story on how he manage to survive from Tsunami. It was a very touching story and i nearly cried..:~(

The Baywatch scene

Err..actually we were not the ones who initiated this pose. :p it was robyn (the lone ranger we met during the snorkelling trip). Tengok la i ngan zhaf lari mcm nk masuk olympics. caya lah.

Snorkelling Boat Trip gambar posing aja.. i cant find my best shot snorkelling, but i did snorkel me..

The Canoeing

U know what peeps. i can't believe that im actually canoeing. that was my first time. and can't u see how strong i was? going across the ocean? hehehe the canoe was part of the snorkelling boat trip. it was fun you know. and too bad zhaf until the end couldn't grab the canoe..pity zhaf..tsk tskk..


and last but not least.

The jumping frogs

Ok. admit it and believe it or not. this shot is a must. and it took us about 15-20 minutes to get this great shot u know. mesti ada sorang yg x jadi .hahaha finally okay la . thx to terkey for the great shot.

Conclusion , This is a summary of Day 2 activities :)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

We Fell in Love with Krabi : Day 2

Day 2 was the day we have been waiting for! Its the day for sun bathing and tanning @ Phi Phi. So we were all set with our bikinis and sunny dress outside and lovely thongs. and zhaf and terk are all set with their beach attires.

Below's : us on the ride to the jetty. tengok muka kitorang happy kan :P

Below's : Pictures of us while on the boat.. plus the gossiping session :)

Below's : Us when arriving @ Phi Phi. Hunting the shop that can offer us the cheapest ride for snorkelling and canoeing!

Finally we found good bargain on snorkelling trip. I'll detail out in the nxt post :)

We fell in love with Krabi : Day 1

I know i've been bad, for not updating you on my recent trip. Apologies please.. :) Anyways, i'll separate the posts based on vacation days k!

We stayed at a wonderful hotel called Buri Tara @ Ao Nang (thx to Zaza for the booking arrangement). The price was not bad as well as the interior. Seriously i think the price is way much cheaper if you compare with the hotel quality.

Day 1 we pusing2 Krabi town for shopping only. I think Mary did the most ( as usual). But one thing that disappoint me is the sellers' attitude. Well, i can't blame that. Not all of them are Thai people, some of them consist of foreigners..imported..and they were rude! benci giler..

Some of the shots we took randomnly on Day 1 as below. Sorry lah I cant post too many pictures coz a lot were obscenes! ha ha ha...k dearest..enjoy the pix

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sneak preview


am so sorry for missing for such a long time.. mesti korang dah malas nak visit kan! heheheheh i promise i will update on Krabi trip :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My review on TechEd 2008 finally came out in TheStar :)

Anyway, the figure did not sound right. and they were unable to put my picture due to limited space. But i think it doesn't matter as long as my comments came out! :)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Get-Away

Guess where we went for our recent holiday trip ? ?
Wait for the post k ! :)

AIR turning 25 on 25th July :)

Had a surprise birthday celebration for Air on last Friday night (two weeks ago). Thanks to the organizer, Mr Cooper and Air's lovey dovey girl, Alia for hosting it @ La Bodega, Bangsar.

Attendees including Sultan, Hikma, Nirwan, Noor, Nadya, Mirna and of course the organizer, Cooper as well as Air and his girl.

We had fun, especially when it comes to the game part. The 007 game! initiated by No'or. I know he is the champion for that game. and Nadia was the most attacked!

Happy Belated Birthday to Air again. Enjoy the pix :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hail to the King of Fruit!


Don't you just love the Durian Season? Thanks to Uncle Zolhaili (honey's dad), Gna, and the rest for providing us the best fruits ever :)

These pics were taken during our trip to Dusun Tua Spa @ Hulu Langat. Gna, the chocolate fountain was fantastic and i wanna own it too! Slurrrppp..Sorry if you think some of the pix showing that im so gelojoh eating durian.!

Baby, i think if u are here, you will not be a part of this durian trip gang kot . i know how much you hate durian kan??