Thursday, August 28, 2008

We fell in love with Krabi : Day 1

I know i've been bad, for not updating you on my recent trip. Apologies please.. :) Anyways, i'll separate the posts based on vacation days k!

We stayed at a wonderful hotel called Buri Tara @ Ao Nang (thx to Zaza for the booking arrangement). The price was not bad as well as the interior. Seriously i think the price is way much cheaper if you compare with the hotel quality.

Day 1 we pusing2 Krabi town for shopping only. I think Mary did the most ( as usual). But one thing that disappoint me is the sellers' attitude. Well, i can't blame that. Not all of them are Thai people, some of them consist of foreigners..imported..and they were rude! benci giler..

Some of the shots we took randomnly on Day 1 as below. Sorry lah I cant post too many pictures coz a lot were obscenes! ha ha ha...k dearest..enjoy the pix

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