Sunday, December 30, 2007

Eid ul-adha - KB with Love Day 1

Finaly I got a chance to update the blog about my last days off cum Eid ul-adha. Went back to my hometown on the 19th and came back here on the Christmas day. As usual, I did not feel like going back to work on Wednesday. The feeling of staying and waking up late, dinner and lunch were served freely and the no-need-to-glue-your-eyes-to-your-notebook feeling were still fresh in mind. How i wish I would extend the days..

People said pictures do convey the story..So i dont think i need to explain so much what had happened during the last few weeks. The shots will tell it all ... :)

Day 1 : Eid Ul-Adha

Our family's gathering this year (where the korban lembu took place) was held at Kak Yah's house. As usual, the soldiers start buat rumah orang macam rumah sendiri...

daging tawar we fried it back using our own recipe :-p (couzies and aunties ) doing our silly and the so-called in thing "pout" action

daddy's girls tried to steal some cash on daddy's hand..unfortunately it didnt work well... :p

The Barbeque session on that night ..

gossiping under the hut :p

Day 2 continues on the next post ..... :-)

Monday, December 17, 2007

When my family turned Banjir into Fiesta

Excerpt from : Berita Harian Online, Thursday, 13 December 2007
Oleh Ismail Mat, Ahmad Naim Tahir, Junita Mat Rasid, Johan Affandi, Mohd Roji Abdullah, Wan Faizal Ismayatim, Betty Subaryati, Jaafar Mulup, Hamid Salleh, Asrol Awang dan Paiman Selamat

BAGAI PESTA: Orang ramai mengharungi banjir di Jalan Tok Hakim, Kota Bharu, Kelantan, semalam.

Dua remaja, warga emas mangsa terbaru banjir ,

KUALA LUMPUR: Banjir buruk yang melanda beberapa negeri meragut tiga lagi mangsa masing-masing dua di Kelantan dan seorang di Johor semalam. Dua korban banjir di Kelantan membabitkan dua remaja masing-masing berusia 15 dan 16 tahun, menjadikan keseluruhan sembilan korban di negeri itu sejak Sabtu lalu. Dalam kejadian pertama jam 1.30 petang di Kampung Chekok, Gual Ipoh, Tanah Merah, Hizuan Kassim, 15, lemas dalam tali air berdekatan rumahnya dipercayai terjatuh ketika bermain air.

Jurucakap Bilik Gerakan Banjir Polis Kelantan, berkata mangsa ditemui 15 minit selepas dilaporkan hilang oleh sepasukan anggota bomba dan penyelamat. Dalam kejadian kedua jam 3.30 petang di Kampung Teluk Kandis, Salor di Kota Bharu, remaja sindrom down, Eng Soon Fatt, 16, dikhuatiri lemas selepas dikatakan terjatuh dalam tali air di kampung berkenaan. Sehingga jam 10 malam tadi, mangsa belum ditemui tetapi usaha mencari masih diteruskan sepasukan anggota bomba dan penyelamat dari Balai Bomba Kota Darulnaim

Ok, I was having my lunch box at office pantry. Since it was too bright and sunny day on Thursday, 13 December 2007, i decided to stay indoor. Since it was the day of our office migration from Bangi to DYB, so there were not many staffs were there. I was flipping through the Berita Harian newspaper dated the same day which , bought by Kak Ani, our Pantry officer.

My eyes were stumbled as I turned to page 7. They were highlighting some news on flood in Kelantan, which is my hometown. And my eyes were locked at the picture caption, which saying "Bagai Pesta..orang Ramai mengharungi banjir di Jalan Tok Hakim.." and i still remember yesterday i received a call from my aunties, uncles and cousins that they were going for banjir sight-seeing.

I looked at the picture posted and I was laughing hard as I saw a group of my family were in the front row. Leading the front row was Ayah Chik and his family, which incudes Haikal, himself, Auntie Ita and her sister. At the back there was a group of my aunts Teh, Cik Na, and other cousins. I went straight and gave them a call, surprisingly they knew about this earlier than me..

What a funny piece they made..! :-p

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Color Block

Yummy! I want those :)

Monday, December 10, 2007

Baby It was Thurrrr Weekend

Hm..I had a blazin weekend last week . Despite some of the ad hoc invitation and surprised visit from my aunt, everything run as planned. Let me recap back on the last two days :)


Got up a bit late since it's been a while since I got up at 12 pm. I've promised my bro, Kyo to visit my mum's uncle, Ayah Li, in Hospital Selayang together with him. Glad that Uncle Li's condition is fine, its just that he needs to undergo several treatments on his lungs infection. I pray that everything goes well. Amin.

That night, as planned, Mary picked me up from my place and drove us to Zaza's secret bday party organized by our beloved Mr Organizer , Terkey (thanks so much to terk for being such a great organizer). The dinner took place at Rahsia, Restaurant and Bar, Jalan Damai. At first we had no clue where that place was, but after making a big round and with help of Terk's instructions, we finally made it.

My first impression was like 'what a great place to relax and unwind'. The place is so quite that you can barely hear the sound of traffic even though its only 2 minutes from KLCC. And the most important thing is they were playing all of my favourite Light n Easy songs :)

We were the first one to arrive, and KA made it after us. Another close friends of Zaza, Shades, Meen and Moon were there celebrating for her bday. The party went well and we hoped that Zaza enjoyed the night as much as we do :) Shades and Meen brought a wonderful bday cake as well as cupcakes.

Later as promised, we went to Eyes on Malaysia, ye lah, ada some of them like bday girl, terk, mary and shades tk penah naik lagi. :p hehehehe so bagi chance. We took the private one, which means only 6 of us will be in it.

Later that night, received a call from Noor and the gang to join them to his occasion at Skybar. Went with Mary since she wants to see her Exxon colleague. Met Nadya, Cooper, Air and Cooper's bro and his gf. Too bad my man is not here. I wish you are here so that you could join us! takpe, next time i promise okay we lepak sama2 k...


On Sunday, Cik sue came over to my house with Gumuk and Baby. We went to Banana Leaf in SS 2, PJ ,and as usual our family talking session began. One thing i could say is, the food there was nice.. i should bring you there one day honey :)

Saturday, December 8, 2007

My All Time Fav :)

No other songs can accompany me throughout this beautiful night . Only GB knows how to satisfy me with his soothing song and voice.. :)

Listening to his song reminds me to list down the songs i'd love to be played on my dream wedding ceremony . I guess I have some in mind, they are just our favourite :)

Top list on the chart would be
1) George Benson - In Your Eyes
2) Lauren Wood - Fallenz
3) Des'ree - Kissing You
Malay songs
4) Kris Dayanti - Mencintaimu
5) Radja - Aku ada kerna kau ada.

hmm..the list might change/add on.
Now its a matter of finding who has the most perfect vocal to impress me and my man :)

Thursday, December 6, 2007


Top Things to Do

1) Plan for Singapore Trip. (So far Laney, Lynn, Q have set to go)
-Proposed Date
-Places of Interest

2) Buy Bday Girl's Present

3) Cut My Freaking Dull + Long Hair

4) Organize my data onto new external hard disk and re-format my old laptop

5) Make Appoinment with Dentist

6) Work Stuffs

7) Create my Blogger Image

8) WW and WS :-p

9) Customize my Facebook he he he

10) Buy Aida's baby present

11) Go for gym!

12) Tailor

13) Stuff for Mummy/Papa/My Man

Top Upcoming Agenda

1) Bday Girl Bday Celebration

2) Eid-ul Adha

3) Date with our ex-Boss :)

4) Office Migration

Well, the list looks quite extensive, and I'm positively sure that the it will keep on adding ...:)

Kick Procrastination Out!

the act of procrastinating; putting off or delaying or defering an action to a later time

I think this is one of the greatest problem happening in our culture. I seriously feel it is a major obstacle that we need to get rid off, no matter in workplace or in our personal life.

So my motto for year 2008 is KICK PROCASTINATION OUT! Well, i hope it works, at least for me :D

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Opening Soon! :)

Source : Akio, Aleen and Bubba Gump Shrimp Website

Can't Wait! :)

I Heart Bali :)

OK. I admit that it's not a new thing going to Bali, but w.t.h, we just got the chance. So we planned a trip, together with Aleen for 3 days 1 nigh in Bali. Well, 3 days memang tak cukup! and we had so much fun !! Thanks to Aleen as well for introducing the best Bali driver , Mr Wayan.

Day 1 in Bali, went for Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.(it is based on Forrest Gump Movie, they even place the FG's bench!) The food was nice, especially the shrimps. I can't wait for them to open up one branch in KL.
Then, finishing off the day, we went to Coco Spa. We had a package of full Balinese Massage, Full Body Scrub,Yoghurt bath and hair spa for 300 Rupee, which means RM120 only!! Giler murah okay.

Next day, since we did not want to miss the fun part in Bali, we went cooling off in the pool. As it was close to rainy season, they don't really advise going to the beach.(sedey giler). And as planned, we went to see rotan products, and then Tanah Lot.

We were planning to go to Hard Rock , Bali but my man fell sick so we had to cancel. Last day in Bali, we went for "Lace" shopping, which was damn cheapp! I bought about 20 pieces of them, tu pon i rasa tk cukup lagi. Aleen's bungy jumpy ended our days in Bali. Definitely we have to be here again.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Saving all my Love for Whitney

Whitney Houston is in town!! Anyone's going? Well, I planned to go but according to many sources, she'll be performing only 1 hour, and the festival starts from 3 pm- late, yet they dont even state what time whitney will be performing.
Even some of them says that it will not be like a concert, instead it's going to be like free-style festival. Hm, for RM 260 i dont think it's worth going. I'd rather go some place else than waiting from 3 pm - 12 am with uncertainty. I've been listening to Whitney's songs since i was 10.
Why can't they make "An Evening with Whitney Houston" instead? Certainly i'll be the among the early birds to buy the tickets. I'll still be saving my love for her though :)

Thursday, November 29, 2007

My Very First Post

It's been a while since I wanted to write a blog, but i never got the chance! Thanks to the workloads and the fact that any url tagged with the word BLOG been blocked from my office Network.

Well, at least now, I've finally successfully squeezed my time to create an account .. and Thanks to Blogger.Com for an easy and quick way of registration!

I noticed the first post(from couple of blogs) will always be an introduction of oneself. Well, I am pleased to provide a short and snappy profile of myself..

My full name is Siti Nabilah Ibrahim. Please address me as Ilah, other names normally won't trigger me. :) Born on 7th of June 1983, and im proud to say that I'm Kelantanese, pure Kelantanese. Currently staying in KL due to work. Relationship? I'm attached to
my incredible man :-). I lead my life in simple way and don't demand too much out of life. Things that make me happy most would be the moment I'm around my family, my man and my dearest friends :-)

"Serendipity" will enclose my passion, my life routines , things that will fascinate me. Well at least, this blog can satisfy my man who's currently thousand miles away. You must be guessing why I chose Serendipity as the title. No, I dont have any reasons for that! I just think the word relates to karma and fate is mysterious. I just liked the word. Period.

Cheers ! :)