Thursday, November 29, 2007

My Very First Post

It's been a while since I wanted to write a blog, but i never got the chance! Thanks to the workloads and the fact that any url tagged with the word BLOG been blocked from my office Network.

Well, at least now, I've finally successfully squeezed my time to create an account .. and Thanks to Blogger.Com for an easy and quick way of registration!

I noticed the first post(from couple of blogs) will always be an introduction of oneself. Well, I am pleased to provide a short and snappy profile of myself..

My full name is Siti Nabilah Ibrahim. Please address me as Ilah, other names normally won't trigger me. :) Born on 7th of June 1983, and im proud to say that I'm Kelantanese, pure Kelantanese. Currently staying in KL due to work. Relationship? I'm attached to
my incredible man :-). I lead my life in simple way and don't demand too much out of life. Things that make me happy most would be the moment I'm around my family, my man and my dearest friends :-)

"Serendipity" will enclose my passion, my life routines , things that will fascinate me. Well at least, this blog can satisfy my man who's currently thousand miles away. You must be guessing why I chose Serendipity as the title. No, I dont have any reasons for that! I just think the word relates to karma and fate is mysterious. I just liked the word. Period.

Cheers ! :)

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