Saturday, December 1, 2007

Saving all my Love for Whitney

Whitney Houston is in town!! Anyone's going? Well, I planned to go but according to many sources, she'll be performing only 1 hour, and the festival starts from 3 pm- late, yet they dont even state what time whitney will be performing.
Even some of them says that it will not be like a concert, instead it's going to be like free-style festival. Hm, for RM 260 i dont think it's worth going. I'd rather go some place else than waiting from 3 pm - 12 am with uncertainty. I've been listening to Whitney's songs since i was 10.
Why can't they make "An Evening with Whitney Houston" instead? Certainly i'll be the among the early birds to buy the tickets. I'll still be saving my love for her though :)


Azzril / Ilah said...

whitney! wish i was there with you... dont mind waiting for hours with you :) hehe

justin timberlake in abu dhabi! Huwaa~ this 6 dec.. i wanna go :(

Miss Ilah said...

benci giler.but if michael buble we have to go ok! :)