Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I Heart Bali :)

OK. I admit that it's not a new thing going to Bali, but w.t.h, we just got the chance. So we planned a trip, together with Aleen for 3 days 1 nigh in Bali. Well, 3 days memang tak cukup! and we had so much fun !! Thanks to Aleen as well for introducing the best Bali driver , Mr Wayan.

Day 1 in Bali, went for Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.(it is based on Forrest Gump Movie, they even place the FG's bench!) The food was nice, especially the shrimps. I can't wait for them to open up one branch in KL.
Then, finishing off the day, we went to Coco Spa. We had a package of full Balinese Massage, Full Body Scrub,Yoghurt bath and hair spa for 300 Rupee, which means RM120 only!! Giler murah okay.

Next day, since we did not want to miss the fun part in Bali, we went cooling off in the pool. As it was close to rainy season, they don't really advise going to the beach.(sedey giler). And as planned, we went to see rotan products, and then Tanah Lot.

We were planning to go to Hard Rock , Bali but my man fell sick so we had to cancel. Last day in Bali, we went for "Lace" shopping, which was damn cheapp! I bought about 20 pieces of them, tu pon i rasa tk cukup lagi. Aleen's bungy jumpy ended our days in Bali. Definitely we have to be here again.

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