Thursday, June 26, 2008

A sin which is not forgiven :)

Dear Diary,
I know, i've broken my promise. I've promised to repent but it doesn't work at all.
I've commited a huge sin again. An unforgivable sin which requires you to burn your cash.
Thanks to Maybank Visa Card for giving me the opportunity to commit this sin again :P

Note : Black Zara round neck t-shirt is a present from Et and Naza for my birthday. Thanks and love you!

Nanti i update our lil hang out during this shopping trip kay??

i am mad.

I'm sorry for the long lost update. There are so many things to tell, but i'm just too tired to write.
i'm mad with our situation.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The New and Old Look

I seriously don't know what to blog. But my eyes are still glued to the monitor, doing unnecessary browsing, and finding something to write.

I realized time flies so fast, and we (me and my man) have known each other for nearly 4 years. cepat kan. Thinking back what have we gone together for the past 4 years (approx), will make you smile sendiri2. hi hi hi

I remember this evening I was having silly argument with him (a healthy discussion ok..), about deciding whether he should have goatee and wear frameless glasses like he used to. I told him that he would look better with those. But, he claimed that he looked better and more.. hurm macho now with his new glasses, without goatee and bigger belly. kekeke. Hm, so I dug back all the photos in my hard disk, to prove that I'm right heheheheh.

The Old Look
This was taken like 2 years back. :)

The New Look (that he claimed so smart lah konon)
This was taken on 6th of June. :p

See, with goatee and frameless glasses you look slimmer and smarter. :P

People, vote which one do you like! The Old Look or The New Look.
Me definitely vote for the Old Look. Vote for Goatee!

p/s : macam auction pulak nak jual azzril. sorry baby .love you.saje je boring ni..:)

Happy Father's Day

i know this is a bit outdated but i don't want to disappoint my lovely papa. It is still not too late to wish him Happy Father's Day kan? Love you dad!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wish List No 2 fulfilled :)

It reached my office at 10.45 a.m on 17th of June 2008.
Thanks to my dear Sis Haneem for the lovely present.
I enjoyed reading it now :)
Thanks to mr postman for delivering it.
Thanks also to Zaza and Terk for screening this movie during our "Movie Marathon"

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The one that you do from 8 am - 5 pm

I hardly write about my work and stuff. But today, i can't stop my hands from entering this kind of entry in here.

I went and see him early in the morning. He complained that he was unable to access certain things on the new site. So i went up with my decent look and tried my best to explain that he needs to perform another sets of routines in order to access that certain things.

But he, being the most person that would hardly accept any recommendations or suggestions i've ever known, shot me with his so painful bullets. Despite the fact that ive put so much effort to convince him that it was agreed by all parties including him in the specification document that the function works that way, and it would be weird if it happens in his way.

But he, again, the kind of person who would never listen. and it even sickened me that he didnt want to sign the paper that i brought, which he shouldve signed it because that was defined before!! He didnt show any appreciation of what ive done before and instead shooting me blindly without any good basis and reasons. For me, his comments was OK, but he didnt have to be that loud as it was not a serious matter. Its just the friendliness that matters. and i repeat again, He has agreed it before.

I don't know how much longer can i stand this situation and today, for the 120th times, i am still thinking whether should i stay here, and pursue with whatever things which i dont really see any values created out of it yet.

God, give me strength and guidance. i just wish there will be some lights which will direct me on what should i do next ?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

a simple note .

this post goes to my baby, mimie, irvan, aleen, najhan and kamal for the wonderful birthday presents. :)
million thanks to all of you!

audrey hepburn poster by azzril :)
and thanx for hanging it too heheheh

maybe baby perfume and body lotion by mimie and irvan

live luxe jennifer lopez perfume and body lotion by aleen, kamal, najhan

Congratulations Et and Naza

I think its still not too late to congratulate my lovely sister,ET and her husband, Naza for their recent marriage :) ( two days before my engagement).
Just wanted to shout out that you looked so beautiful that day, and u look perfectly match with your hubby.
Wish you happiness for the rest of your lives. Nanti bring out great and beautiful kids ya?

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Happy Birthday To Myself!

7th June 1983

a girl named Siti Nabilah was born and later on breeded by amazing parents, Ibrahim and Azizah.

Happy Birthday to Myself! :)

amazing eh that my birthday fall on the same day as Hari Keputeraan Agung. haha..Dapat public holiday lagi :p

I had a very wonderful birthday celebration with family and close friends at Bora Asmara (the ambience was so nice and the food was great!). Attendees including my family, Azzril's family and few beautiful friends. Thanks to my lovely fiance for the beautiful celebration.:)

Simple yet memorable.

thanks everyone :)

owh birthday wish list sudah ada yg granted!! :) mimie and her friend gave me both benefit maybe babe perfume and lotion. thanks dear! :) and my baby is going to give me the painting! yeayyyyyyyy!!!

My Memorable Engagement.01.06.08

the ring

Alhamdulillah, i have become somebody's fiance. and that somebody is of course my one and only man, who has been supporting me through good and bad times, Azzril Zolhaili.

Yupp, above that is my engagement ring. Dont get mistaken by the ring on the right hands. Those were my mom's. hehehehe. dia memang insisted me to wear her rings, coz according to her, bigger rocks will make me look more beautiful . hehehe..the one on the left side is my ring. i have always wanted a simple but sweet engagement ring. nanti for the wedding baru i mintak yg grand2 k, hun :p

So, the engagement went the whole night, ended with photography session. Well, my family memang terkenal dengan cam-whore attitude, pantang nampak camera. And i'm so glad that Aween was my photographer at that night, and he'll be my forever photographer jgk!err..aween, once popular, dont raise the price for us k?? :P

As promised, I dont want to crap so much. Im sure you guys been wanting to see the pics kan?

I bet some of you might think that this ceremony looks like nikah/bersanding. Well , if the planner is your own mom, this what happened.:) I'll let the pictures tell the story may click to view in larger view.

the beloved ibrahim's clan

sang puteri . . . ha ha ha

his family

thanks so much for coming. i know you guys love me and love you too.:)

uh..couzies..i was the one who came up with this pose :P

tersangat la macam orang dah nikah. :P

nice touch aween. i dont look like nabilah at all :p

i've always wanted to have this kind of gedik girls pose

how do i look? :)

Friday, June 6, 2008


 Memorable occasion

Hey fellows, i apologize for not having the time to update story and photos on my engagement day yet. but one thing for sure, it was an amazing night and i have loads to share with you ! :)
as for starter, i post one of my favorite photos on that night above. kudos to the photographer, mr Aween.

i promise i'll post another post soon! muahs to you all!