Saturday, June 7, 2008

Happy Birthday To Myself!

7th June 1983

a girl named Siti Nabilah was born and later on breeded by amazing parents, Ibrahim and Azizah.

Happy Birthday to Myself! :)

amazing eh that my birthday fall on the same day as Hari Keputeraan Agung. haha..Dapat public holiday lagi :p

I had a very wonderful birthday celebration with family and close friends at Bora Asmara (the ambience was so nice and the food was great!). Attendees including my family, Azzril's family and few beautiful friends. Thanks to my lovely fiance for the beautiful celebration.:)

Simple yet memorable.

thanks everyone :)

owh birthday wish list sudah ada yg granted!! :) mimie and her friend gave me both benefit maybe babe perfume and lotion. thanks dear! :) and my baby is going to give me the painting! yeayyyyyyyy!!!


nieja said...

hpy bday dear!
jeles x leh join skali..:(

hOtdeviLish said...

wah!hepi bufday!!jeles weh xleh join!!waaaaaaaaaaa )=

Miss Ilah said...

tula pasal.
nanti i balik kb kito celebrate lah.
Weih marlyn, hadiah mu nk gapo?

nieja said...

adioh marlyn..?
adio gapo ni..?
utk ija xdop kow k.ilah syg..?

haneejane said...

ilah dearie,
congrats!! u look fab babe!
sorry couldnt make it. kt kampung kt perak la time tu. anyways, happy birthday dear.. had a wonderful celebration i,how's ur lil' birthday present nih?
lagu mano nak mail ke or u hv other alternative? i dont know yet when i'll go to KL again due to my workload nih..erm, tell me yah!

kak haneem

hOtdeviLish said...

haha, ikot la gpo2 pown ok??
huhuhu (=

mohamed said...

mimie and her friend?hehe

mohamed said...

mimi and fren?hehe

Miss Ilah said...

nieja : tadak..:P ni hadiah bday dio ler...

kak haneem : kak haneem! thanks a lot! i tried calling you tp takde org angkat. hmmmmm..kalau kak haneem post kan boleh jugak ;) he he he . now kat kelantan?

Miss Ilah said...

mohamed : u ke kamal? a'ah ler "mimie's friend" :P

Anonymous said...

babe..mana u beli u punya highwaist skirt?georgeous...reply asap.

Miss Ilah said...

anonymous :
hmmm..actually bought it kat Nichii aje!gorgeous kan? its not only skirt, its one pair. the shirt and the skirt, so its more like a dress.its cheap!go and buy now!