Sunday, January 27, 2008


I was spending my sleepless night last night with Syabila watching "I now Pronounce Chuck & Larry" dvd.In the meantime, I was decorating birthday card for my Honey's birthday. I know it was too late, but I worked so hard for it! :)

I won't reveal how does my birthday card look like. But I will reveal Syabila's creation. She has been diligently working on creating a birthday card for my baby as well.

Syabila : "Kak Ilah buat apa tu?"

Me : "Buat card bday for Abg Azzril"

Syabila: "Hah..hari ni birthday dia ke??

Me : " A'ah.Baby nk buat card ke"

Syabila : "Adik nk buat jgk lah..hahaha"

So..this is the result..tadaaaaaaaa..not bad huh ! :P
P/s: hun, i'll post it you you :)

The Nanny..

Weekend News 1
My aunt, Cik Sue has just safely delivered her first child with Uncle K on Friday, 25th January 2008, which falls on the same birthday as my buddy, Salmi. At first ingatkan the baby will be born on the 24th coz she was admitted on Thursday evening. Kalau tak mesti dah sama dengan Azzril. huhuhu..And guess what? It's a baby boy! :-)

Weekend News 2
Since my aunt had to stay for couple of days in the hospital (doctor needs to monitor the baby's condition), I agreed to take care of her kids for the weekends. First cksue asked me to sleep over at her place but seems like nothing much that can be done there. So, I volunteered to bring them back to my place. I had officially became the nanny this weekends! At least, it did save up my money rather than wandering in shopping mall and buy unnecessary stuffs.

It was not hard at all becoming a nanny. But sometimes you have to be really really patient taking care of these two monsters :-p

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Dollar and Cents

I really feel lost and miserable tonight. And seems like only Michael Buble's lost can only accompany me throughout the night. I just had a fight with my man, and again, it was all about the $$ stuff. I don't know why i picked that subject for tonight's topic. But seriously, i'm kind of scared thinking about my current commitment, especially when it involves dollars and cents .

I admit that I've lost control over my budget in this month. I know it's not a good start, for others are still deciding which resolution they need to prioritize this year, i've lost my touch for the monetary budget. and to my surprises, this is the only month which put me a situation of having RM22 balance in my account. I have no clue where have all gone?

Frankly speaking, ever since I shifted my office to DYB, my expenses increased. Initially I thought it would be lesser, since I will spend less on the fuel and tolls. I did the calculation, I could saved up almost half of my previous expenses. But, it was not as expected.

Now my salary would be in anytime soon. Maybe in 1 or 2 days. I have a lot of other commitments which are heavily depending on this month's salary. I haven't paid my utility bill, my credit cards (total of almost rm9k), spore' bus tickets, laundry, etc etc. Plus, i'll be going to Spore on the 15th of February, which adds more to my expenses.

So my aim now, i want to cut down, or maybe cut off my expenses on my credit card. At least it can reduce my the total debt which put me in pain. I read one article while I was at the salon, it did give details on "why you should spend less on your credit card". It was quite an eye-opener article, and it applies to most of us. You are making the bank richer by simply paying off your debt's interest, and when it starts accumulating, they will grant you a grand prize by just simply, increasing your credit limit. This situation , will keep on repeating, encouraging you to spend more, and it'll become a never ending story. So for now, say NO to CREDIT CARDS!

The bonus question is, "How do i source money to pay off all my existing debts??"

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Honey! :)

Happy Birthday to my Baby! Hope you have a blast celebration tonight. I'm sorry I could not be there :( i know im very bad at making surprises and all. But there will surprises waiting for you here okay? I love you so much...p/s: you're getting old! :-p

Monday, January 14, 2008

"indescribable super massive busy"

I've been so freaking busy with workloads lately and hardly check my personal mail/news/facebook/friendster/new songs/movies/series! I've been fulfilling and meeting other people's objectives and KPI but mine was left out and neglected. Please please mr boss understand my situations and reduce my workloads ;(

and..How i wish I could run away to a deserted place and far from work. An island sounds like a good idea. Would you like to join me honey? :p

The New Me..?



OK, I admit that one of my new year's resolutions is to cut my long and dull hair. But now, I kinda missed it..not even after a week after I chopped it off at Albert Nico's, KL Plaza.
A million thanks to my baby for sponsoring me! hahaha, even though its not that much. That was my first time going there, and they were good! The hairstylists, regardless directors/seniors/juniors are friendly and experienced. Absolutely recommended.
So, which one, do you think, makes my look a more sophisticated look, intellectual at the same time flirty, and trendy? :) Please be honest, uh, i dont mind if you wanna say it does not suit me at all ! :p

Sunday, January 6, 2008

a different meaning...

Sometimes i wonder in life, do we really need best friends? A lot of sayings say that you can turn to/ask your best friend if

1) u broke up with ur boyfriend
2) u feel horny and feel like meeting some cute guys @ the club
3) you doubt about something and needs her opinion.
4) you feel like talking to someone, and that someone will always be ur BFF.
5) etc, bnyk sangat reasons.

If u deeply analyze, u will see that most of the new generation people will have at least one best friend. You must be wondering why on earth am i writing this topic.

Personally, I dont really think BFF will work. In some cases, the two best friends start fighting over some cute guys, ignore the best friend once she found a new beau, long distance and sometimes mis communication could cause them to split. I used to be close to a friend back in late 90s, which was during my school days..We spent so much time together esp at school. We did everything together, discussing about guys and beauty stuff, gossiping, talked through the phone for hours, sleeping over, etc etc.

We were separated by the fact that we had to further our studies. She got a different place and we went for different line. The keep-in-touch activity kept getting lesser. Maybe, she has found new bunch of coool college friends and I, being the kind of person who care less, did not force here to hang out/talk/become BFF/whatsoever. Since she's staying around here, I tried initating a coffee session, which I think the last time we had was like ages ago. She promised she can make it, but deep in my thoughts, i knew she was not gonna come. and then, I was right.

I'm glad, at least, i have a lot of friends to turn to. and if, one day, they decided to walk out from my life, I will not feel so bad. I will not get hurt. Because i dont do BFF thingy. I'd rather consider all of my friends as my close friends. I have a different definition for "BFF" and "Close" friends.

Last two weeks, Lynn stopped over for a while at my place. We had a long conversation. I was glad that we talked ( considering its been a while since I last met her). She has a beautiful character, wonderful and kind, a person who is willing to lend her ears hearing to all my nonsense thoughts. and that, is a definition of close friend to me. and I'm glad to tell you that she is featured in site, together with another chinese and indian girl. Lynn, sorry fr posting this, i just want the world to know that you look pretty :-p

Eid ul-adha - KB with Love Day 4

Day 4, Et n Mat went back to Kuantan. Mirna and me decided that we should do some activity to spend the night. Since not much activities can be done, we planned to go for bowling @ KB mall. The soldiers (comprised of 20 couzies i think) went for bowling . I got 5th place out of 10. Not bad la ha... :-p
Nieja, whats ur scores? Hahahaha..

look at the soldiers

Eid ul-adha - KB with Love Day 3

Day 3 we went for Ayah Ngah niece's wedding. As usual, took couple of shots, but i think i looked horrible, maybe because of the unfinished make up..

Baby..u told me u wanted to see more pictures of me kan..// ps: am wearing my Armani Xchange's it.! thx to u muax. These pictures were taken on our way to Kota Bharu airport to send mimie.

Eid ul-adha - KB with Love Day 2

Day 2, we all ada majlis tahlil. It was the time for all of us to wear decent attire...including syahmi gumuk and my crazy brother..:-p

Thursday, January 3, 2008

The day i finally got My 1st Starbucks 2008 Planner!

After spending for about RM 150++ for starbucks beverages, I finally owned my 2008 Starbucks planner! With this, I am taking this opportunity to thank my man for giving me a chance to treat my friends and family just to get me this planner. Well, I'm gonna use it as my personal organizer. I hope I can be more organized this year (this is one of my new year's resolution though..:p)

I know you love me so much., my bucit. I love you too. I really do. Muahs!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year 2008!

Happy New Year 2008 folks.! May this new year brings you more joy, excitement and happiness. What is your new year resolution?? :-)