Sunday, January 6, 2008

Eid ul-adha - KB with Love Day 4

Day 4, Et n Mat went back to Kuantan. Mirna and me decided that we should do some activity to spend the night. Since not much activities can be done, we planned to go for bowling @ KB mall. The soldiers (comprised of 20 couzies i think) went for bowling . I got 5th place out of 10. Not bad la ha... :-p
Nieja, whats ur scores? Hahahaha..

look at the soldiers


nieja said...

no 7 xslap..
haha..bongek la..

Azzril Zolhaili said...

mesti nieja dapat last kan? kalau i ada mesti no.1 :p

Miss Ilah said...

yo la tuh..jom lawan nak?? nanti u balik

nieja said...

hey.. tolong sket..
tu pon sbb share ngan bdak2..
mane aci gitu..
tp dpt gak no 7 haha..