Saturday, January 26, 2008

Dollar and Cents

I really feel lost and miserable tonight. And seems like only Michael Buble's lost can only accompany me throughout the night. I just had a fight with my man, and again, it was all about the $$ stuff. I don't know why i picked that subject for tonight's topic. But seriously, i'm kind of scared thinking about my current commitment, especially when it involves dollars and cents .

I admit that I've lost control over my budget in this month. I know it's not a good start, for others are still deciding which resolution they need to prioritize this year, i've lost my touch for the monetary budget. and to my surprises, this is the only month which put me a situation of having RM22 balance in my account. I have no clue where have all gone?

Frankly speaking, ever since I shifted my office to DYB, my expenses increased. Initially I thought it would be lesser, since I will spend less on the fuel and tolls. I did the calculation, I could saved up almost half of my previous expenses. But, it was not as expected.

Now my salary would be in anytime soon. Maybe in 1 or 2 days. I have a lot of other commitments which are heavily depending on this month's salary. I haven't paid my utility bill, my credit cards (total of almost rm9k), spore' bus tickets, laundry, etc etc. Plus, i'll be going to Spore on the 15th of February, which adds more to my expenses.

So my aim now, i want to cut down, or maybe cut off my expenses on my credit card. At least it can reduce my the total debt which put me in pain. I read one article while I was at the salon, it did give details on "why you should spend less on your credit card". It was quite an eye-opener article, and it applies to most of us. You are making the bank richer by simply paying off your debt's interest, and when it starts accumulating, they will grant you a grand prize by just simply, increasing your credit limit. This situation , will keep on repeating, encouraging you to spend more, and it'll become a never ending story. So for now, say NO to CREDIT CARDS!

The bonus question is, "How do i source money to pay off all my existing debts??"

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Azzril Zolhaili said...

sayang! i'm so sorry to hear about this matter.. we will discuss this to find out how to make it work