Sunday, January 6, 2008

a different meaning...

Sometimes i wonder in life, do we really need best friends? A lot of sayings say that you can turn to/ask your best friend if

1) u broke up with ur boyfriend
2) u feel horny and feel like meeting some cute guys @ the club
3) you doubt about something and needs her opinion.
4) you feel like talking to someone, and that someone will always be ur BFF.
5) etc, bnyk sangat reasons.

If u deeply analyze, u will see that most of the new generation people will have at least one best friend. You must be wondering why on earth am i writing this topic.

Personally, I dont really think BFF will work. In some cases, the two best friends start fighting over some cute guys, ignore the best friend once she found a new beau, long distance and sometimes mis communication could cause them to split. I used to be close to a friend back in late 90s, which was during my school days..We spent so much time together esp at school. We did everything together, discussing about guys and beauty stuff, gossiping, talked through the phone for hours, sleeping over, etc etc.

We were separated by the fact that we had to further our studies. She got a different place and we went for different line. The keep-in-touch activity kept getting lesser. Maybe, she has found new bunch of coool college friends and I, being the kind of person who care less, did not force here to hang out/talk/become BFF/whatsoever. Since she's staying around here, I tried initating a coffee session, which I think the last time we had was like ages ago. She promised she can make it, but deep in my thoughts, i knew she was not gonna come. and then, I was right.

I'm glad, at least, i have a lot of friends to turn to. and if, one day, they decided to walk out from my life, I will not feel so bad. I will not get hurt. Because i dont do BFF thingy. I'd rather consider all of my friends as my close friends. I have a different definition for "BFF" and "Close" friends.

Last two weeks, Lynn stopped over for a while at my place. We had a long conversation. I was glad that we talked ( considering its been a while since I last met her). She has a beautiful character, wonderful and kind, a person who is willing to lend her ears hearing to all my nonsense thoughts. and that, is a definition of close friend to me. and I'm glad to tell you that she is featured in site, together with another chinese and indian girl. Lynn, sorry fr posting this, i just want the world to know that you look pretty :-p


Herlena Shee said...

Ilahhhhhhhhhhh..just went thru ur blog and I must admit..BFF has a different meaning to me as well. How I wish things are the same like when we're in university. Whatever it is, I was glad to actually able to listen, and be there when in need. Like you always..ALWAYS did for me.

You are THE MOST incredible person Ive even known. Humble, down to earth, yet brialliant, charming and kind-hearted with great attitude. And I appreciate this friendship we have so much. And hope it to bond us till death do us apart.

Love you=*

Miss Ilah said...

Love u too darling :)
Nanti boring2 datang rumah aku! aku pon boring jugak hehehehehehehe..