Monday, April 28, 2008

The day we went to Bridal shop

Seems like my engagement day is getting closer!

Just had a lil chat with my mom on the progress..and i could say that pretty much we have done a good job! pity my mom that she got more to handle since i am in KL and she's in KB. anyways, a couple of things which i are still not tackled are : -

i) my one more thinking of buying chiffon non-washable. would u think it'd be nice?
ii) chocolates..still deciding which type of chocolates to give?
iii) card..i think a simple card should be not being too detailed or lebih2..its just that maybe they are needed for friends who are not familiar with KB? :P
iv)selendang..! where can i get a nice one? suggestion please! :)

hmm..i think thats all la kot..i hope i can get it done within the next couple of weeks :)

owh is some pictures taken on the day we went to bridal shop. me being the bridesmaid (chubby one!) and my lovely sister, was trying on a wedding gown (not really a gown..i pon tak tau nk panggil apa..traditional gown maybe..:P)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

I really miss . . .

at this moment of silent time...i really miss ....

my long.. brownish hair . . .

having escargot with my baby @ my all time fav " the ship"

my big happy family gathering...

my old figure ..excuse the look.

my Schlumberger colleagues ..

my previous company...

my girls in utp...

there are moments that you really wish you can turn back time...if only the time machine is invented ....

Monday, April 21, 2008

a deadly criticism

why on earth would people give criticism on what you wear?

why can't they just shut up and mind their own business?

where the hell has the sense of professionalism gone?

what did i do so wrong that they cant just leave me alone without ever disturbing my life?

how do i get rid of these things off my mind..?

it's really whirling through my head and..

for your was a really dreadful..deadly criticism..

i just wished i could turn back time.....

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

. . .

i love this pic. credit to zaza and terk :) its like showing..."how imbalance we were, we were still sticking together"

love you baby :)

Singapore the return Part 2

We took the chance going to Singapore Flyer ( it was twice the size of Eye on Msia) and last day tu dapat lah jugak pergi ke Singapore Zoo. ha ha ha..finally we went!! :P

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Singapore the return

I missed posting what had happened to me for the past err... 1 month maybe..?. Well, my boyfriend was back in town.. so i had very minimum time hooking up to my notebook since most of the time we would go out.
Since the topic stated Spore the return, u must've guessed where did i go for my short weekend break.hmmmmmm its singapore again! nieja, u must be jealous. well this time i had promised my boyfriend and my buddies, terk, zaza and mary to have a short holiday together. We spent for 4 days, and i can conclude that on the third day we had no idea on where to go!! so as usual, im so lazy to write..let the pictures do the talking k :)

After a little shopping spree..!

More pictures in the next post ! :)