Saturday, April 5, 2008

Singapore the return

I missed posting what had happened to me for the past err... 1 month maybe..?. Well, my boyfriend was back in town.. so i had very minimum time hooking up to my notebook since most of the time we would go out.
Since the topic stated Spore the return, u must've guessed where did i go for my short weekend break.hmmmmmm its singapore again! nieja, u must be jealous. well this time i had promised my boyfriend and my buddies, terk, zaza and mary to have a short holiday together. We spent for 4 days, and i can conclude that on the third day we had no idea on where to go!! so as usual, im so lazy to write..let the pictures do the talking k :)

After a little shopping spree..!

More pictures in the next post ! :)

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