Sunday, March 30, 2008

Calling you~~

There are times that we need to hear songs with good lyrics. happened to find out a band called Outlandish, thanks to my sis mimie :) she introduced me the song. it depends whether you can interpret the meaning ..
I'm callin' U
With all my goals, my very soul
Ain't fallin' through
I'm in need of U
The trust in my faith
My tears and my ways is drowning so
I cannot always show it
But don't doubt my love
I'm callin' U
With all my time and all my fights
In search for the truth
Tryin'a reach U
See the worth of my sweat
My house and my bed
Am lost in sleep
I will not be false in who I am
As long as I breathe
Oh, no, no
I don't need nobody& I don't fear nobody
I don't call nobody but U
My One & Only
I'm callin' U
When all my joy
And all my love is feelin' good
Cuz it's due to U
See the time of my life
My days and my nights so it's alright
Cuz at the end of the day
I still got enough for me and my

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nieja said...

pokyil balik ptot la..
;) ok nant update