Wednesday, March 12, 2008

it's all about elections!

Eh! It seems like nowadays' hot topics is all about ELECTION, ELECTION, ELECTION! I know it has just over, but people actually got carried away with this topic too much, they even brought it up in workplace, and dare to discuss loudly in front of others...ish ish ish

8:30 A.m : Breakfast time, but all I heard on the next table was topic about PKR, rocket won in Penang, PM shouldnt do this, bla bla bla

9:00 A.m : Training the clients, the only words I heard were election, undi hantu, corruption, suara rakyat, bla bla bla..

12:00 pm : Lunch hour, i thought they would give us a break, but still the topic continued.............groannnnnnnnnnn...

5:00 pm : Training ended, phew... went up, overheard topic on the opposition parties victory and BN lost damn bad, PKR should do this and shouldnt do that..bla bla bla...Agaiiinnnnnnn?

Can we have at least a little professionalism in one self to not to talk publicly about elections? It's a sensitive topic, not everyone will agree with your opinions anyway. So its either keep it to yourself, or discuss among small group with discreetly.!

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mrazz said...

blay je. but kasi mase la kay. heh.
bkan banner tue da cantik ke?
heh. kan? banner yg kat atas tue kan?