Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Love @ First Sight.

I bought those shoes in Singapore. I could not find another image of the shoes and unfortunately I dont have a good camera to snap the image of it. I'm lovin' those!!

White Trendy Thong with buckle details

I fell in love with this simply because I have no nice thong to wear, and yet it is so comfortable. Available in Camel, Cream and brown

Bohemic - inspired platform with ornaments detail

I've been dying to get a super-duper nice wedges.! From the first glance, i knew its gonna be mine.
Available in brown and black

Singapore Trip Day 2 - Sentosa Island

Day 2 punya lah we promised each other to get up early, since we thought off going to the zoo and Sentosa Island. But as usual..the three of us still loved sleeping more than anything in this world, we ended up waking up at about 12 pm. Then it took us about 2 hrs to get ready (plus the waiting queue for the shower ).

So the plan going for 2 places reduced to 1 place jer la..we decided to go to Sentosa since me and Elina have never been there. Zoo tu anytime boleh pegi aje..

Sentosa was full of fun and excitement! Even though its not as huge as expected, but still we had so much fun together, especially the luge rides. ..once is never enough..am right laney??

3 of us by the Sentosa beach.dah la kena kacau ngan "Bangla" navy!! iskkk!!!

Getting ready for the Luge rides.!

Destination point. sempat lagi ambil gambar :P

Sky ride. laney rugi tak beli the pic that day. next time we buy k??

me and elina having a blast in 3d max theather.

Many thanks to Ms Laney and buddy for taking care of us and bringing us to fun places in Spore. To lynn, q, reen, salmi, bobot jgn jeles nanti we organize the trips again k ..:) hi hi hi.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Singapore Trip Day 1 - Orchard

Yeay, finally i managed to spare some times to update some of the shots we snapped in Spore. So for those yg tak dapat pegi tu, we all took some pictures for you guy to view..nanti2 kita plan lagi okay.. if not singapore pon ok..we can plan for some other places..cuti2 malaysia pon ok! :)

First day we went to Orchard Road, did ONLY A LITTLE shopping spree. Even some of us reminded each other not to spend easily. So one of the ways to prevent us from simply shopped any items that we fell in love at first sight, was to multiply the currency..hi hi hi ..

heh..look at my tummy..so buncit!!

okay la..to proof you guys that i was @ orchard :p

us enjoying mc d's..kesian giler laney tak dapat masuk pic..hahahaha

ni kat mane eh laney? lupa

me posing in front of Fashion Bar, Clarke Quay..didnt manage to get in any bars/clubs pon.pokai! :P posing je lebey..hahaha

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Singapore trip

Finally, our plan for a short weekend break to Singapore actually happened. It was so hard for us girls to plan the trip nicely, but still at the end Q and Lynn need to tarik diri because of some emergency matters. Too bad you girls can't join! Coz i know if you tag along the trip wouldve been more fun! :)

So only 3 of us remaining. First day was a bit chaotic coz me and Elina ended waking up late (as usual..). Luckily we made it by paying extra to the taxi driver and i guess we almost caused Lane heart attack.

We stayed at a penthouse living namely 1bnbsingapore. (http://www.1bnbsingapore.com) . I think the website has exaggerated too much until they blinded our eyes. For those who are going, I suggest better if you take budget hotel in singapore i think there are quite a numbers of it. At least you can get proper hotel service. Unlike this place, aircond rosak in the middle of the night and we ended up sleeping with the stand fan, coz we had no one to contact.! sedih tak..sob sob..kitorang dah tertipu..lynn and q, lucky u dont have to experience it.! :p

We spent our first day going to Orchard. As usual did a little shopping coz i tak berani nak spend so much. Then we met Lane's friend and he brought us for makan-makan.

We went for Sentosa on the 2nd day. This was my first time going there and it was full of excitement!! Luckily i tak bawak banyak duit, if not satu Sentosa tu i tour and went on each and every rides. I don't think you will see the excitement by reading this post. Nanti i'll post the pictures so u can see how much fun we had there. Kan Lane? Kan Elina? :p

Monday, February 18, 2008


Dear Diary,

So much of a diet that I've tried to initiate starting from today, I am feeling extremely hungry at 11:55 PM, 5 minutes before midnight. Effective Monday, 18 Feb, I tried to ...
  • reduce my food (especially on rice), trust me, rice can make your body heavier and heavier each day
  • ate only a very tiny portion (even my boss complained i ate very little unlike before during today's lunch hour),
  • went to gym afterwork, did a 20-30 minutes treadmill, 60 sit ups and did some toning work.
  • bought HL milk to avoid feeling hungry.. but i guess it doesnt work on me now!! urghhh!!

Myself, being stupid, saje gatal2 browsed the net about food and restaurant and hit the image of Prawn Aglio Olio.

And now, i hate to admit that i have to turn off the lights as its already 12 AM, and i've promised myself to not to touch any sinful food/carbs after 7 pm except fruits. and I hate to say that

I'm craving for..Slurppppp..

Spaghetti Aglio Olio with Prawn. The one that is currently on my A and top rated list is in Sentidos Tapas, StarHill.

Boleh tak anyone come and teman me during lunch hour this Friday. kempunan giler niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.........................waaaaaaa....

xoxo, lights off.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Guess what's the latest shocking news in the world??

I'm getting engaged in 3 months time.. :)

I still can't believe this going to happen very soon. But U guess now its the time. People say 25/26 is an ideal time for you to get attach with your partner. So i hope i took the right move for now :)

I took advantage of last CNY holiday to go back to my hometown to do at least, a simple preparation. the memorable occasion will be on the 1st of June 2008. I know a lot of them been asking why did we pick 1st June as the date. My reasons are simple :

  • school holiday almost ends, ke dah end by that time
  • I tanak nyusahkan my mom, since 30,31 my sister kawin, I just nk buat straight je, meaning takde la cabut then pasang balik
  • I tanak susahkan my other family and close friends yg duduk jauh, coz nanti diorang kena balik dua kali. One weekend for my sister and one weekend for me

I am so lucky to have supermom like my mummy. She arranged and listed everything that I should prepare for it. Boleh tak, she insisted to prepare an invitation card for my engagement to give out to my friends. Huhu..never been done by others before :-p tapi i know she's the type yang nak everything is perfect and in order.

I could say that I havent prepared quite a lot. There's a lot of things in mind, i think i'll need to list down some portions of it..

1) What to wear - theme silver, so i guess i would be wearing silver.

2) The ring - this is the most important item! honey, please be back so that we can choose together?

3) Photographer - my sis suggested azmi sentral and have to book him fast. still deciding.

4) Barang2 for hantaran - not so much since just engagement. mummy has the list. :)

5) what else what else...sapa2 yang dah experience tolong suggest pleaseeeeeeeee..

p/s: ni baru engagement. wedding preparation would be more fun.excited, excited. :P

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day


Happy Valentine's Day to All.

Let's treat the day with loves and cares to your loved ones.
This goes specially to my man, Azzril .. Smmoooooccccccchhhhhhhh...
This goes specially to Papa and Mummy ... *Cheek Kiss*
This goes specially to my beloved siblings, cousins, aunties, uncles and friends..*hugs*
Love you all so much :)

Nothing i ever asked on V-day but...

Valentine's Day is coming and all I want for my Valentine is .......

Janet Seidel's Comme Ci Comme Ca CD

Please honey?? I know this is the cheapest present I ever asked.. :-p

For more info on Janet Seidel, please go to Janet Seidel's Jazz Lounge

Based in Sydney, Australia, vocalist / pianist Janet Seidel currently enjoys a rare and enviable international reputation with 14 CDs released in Australia and also available in several other countries. In the Penguin Guide to Jazz on CD 2006 (UK) she is described as “Australia’s first lady of jazz”. On the other hand she is revered by cabaret aficionados overseas such as in New York’s Cabaret Hotline - “I had heard so much about this delightful jazz star from Australia, but I was still not prepared for this awesome performance. I have never been so thrilled by a performer - this lady is amazing - such pure clean vocals!" according to the writer

Monday, February 4, 2008

4th of February 2008

I am taking this opportunity to take a moment of silence to grief over my long lost Kancil DAT1155 ; metallic silver; 850.
On 4th February 2006, exactly 2 years, it has been missing from Bukit Jalil Area and has not been found until present. May it rest in peace and I'll be missing you always.
Ilah.. :[

Eight Ways to Be a Superstar At Work

I read one article in Yahoo HotJobs, it says how can you be a superstar at work. Actually it is quite true. You dont have to show off that you can do something which you can't really do to your boss just to get the recognition and rewards. Normal situation at my workplace is, people start showing off the ideas which they just copied from the net and conveyed back to the boss just to please them. And guess who'll be the executor? It'll be our team.

And i like the last statement which says.. "The first half of your life is spent chasing success," Black said. "The second half is spent chasing significance."

Actual case is the post that i'm holding now..is not my so-called dream job. I've left my first and dream company for almost 2 years, and still I still have the strong feeling to pursue my career there. But, life goes on. I 'd still need to chase success, but still, I'd need the satisfaction of work being performed. The significance and importance of my work to my aspect of life..

Eight Ways to Be a Superstar at Work
Cord Cooper, Investor's Business Daily

Making the corporate climb hinges on observing common do's and don'ts, says Cathie Black, publisher of Hearst Magazines and author of the book "Basic Black." She and others share tips for hurdling land mines -- and landing higher on the org chart.

Decline the Oscar. "It's always tempting to be sucked into the whirlwind of office drama," but it's not worth the wounds backstage, Black said.
Next time you see a melodrama unfolding, exit stage left. Take a coffee break or "a long lunch," she said.

Handle it. "A crisis for you may not be one for your boss," so don't make it one, she wrote.
Announce the news with an end run. Problems have more receptive audiences when they're solved.

Go deep. When hiring, "look for a track record of success, not just the most recent" hits, said Black. Listing a few wins could mask a string of losses.
To check the candidate's home-run capacity, throw a curveball during the interview. Present challenges you face and ask how he'd handle them.
Also focus on balance. "If your current team is strong in analytical thinkers, perhaps adding a more creative thinker to the mix will juice things up," said Black, former president and publisher of USA Today.

Know what counts. There's a crucial difference between "being respected and being liked. One is in your control, and the other is not," she wrote. "Some people won't like you no matter how much you try to win them over. It's just a matter of personal chemistry. But if you conduct yourself in a way that commands respect, people will respond to it, even grudgingly."
Take the high road, and even critics will "tend to like you more."

Don't stop at no. "Very often, people can be -- and even want to be -- convinced," Black wrote. To sell an idea, hone your pitch.
The difference between no and yes often lies in the information you provide, the way you package it -- and your timing, says performance coach Jack Griffin.

Know whom to call. "If you want something done, give it to a busy person," Black said. "The ones who appear the busiest are (usually) the most reliable."
Forget the laggards with empty plates. They're busy staring at their reflections.

Do it later. If possible, avoid checking e-mails first thing in the morning. It puts you in grunt-work mode, says management expert Julie Morgenstern.
At most, spot-check mail for critical messages, then return an hour or two later.
In the meantime, do a task that fires you up.

Scope the big picture. "The first half of your life is spent chasing success," Black said. "The second half is spent chasing significance."
At some point, all leaders begin thinking about their legacies. It's not what you bring to the table; it's what you leave there.
"The energy spent trying to advance (seems) less important than the larger meaning behind your work," she wrote.
"Start thinking in those terms now. You'll accomplish more, with greater satisfaction, than you thought possible."

Azimah's Farewell Lunch

Today as usual I arrived late at work, around 8:20 a.m. To my surprise, I was the first one who walked into Level 8. :p
About 9 am I got a buzz on my MS Communicator saying that today's Azimah's last day. Azimah is my big boss's secretary. I was quite shocked hearing the news since I thought her contract was just renewed. They told me that she was leaving for a teacher programme, cant remember what do we call that? Well, its a great move for her i guess..To celebrate her last day, we went for farewell lunch, and of course its on my boss's budget. We had lunch at D'Canteen, located close to Central Market. Food was Ok, suitable with the price :D . I dont have any photos during lunch, but I got all the shots taken by our department photographer, Nirwan

Azimah's looking so sweet..

Mr Agil representing our department giving out farewell prezzies.

The ladies in KM.

We had to go off early for lunch since most of us had a presentation to be done for the Steering Committee. I was quite nervous at first place since my boss requested me to present on our platform. However, as the presentation went for quite some times, I felt a bit comfortable and the audience was quite happy with the overall stuff that we showed.Clap Clap!

My boss asked me to present on the next meeting with the Plant Managers. Im not sure whether I should take up the job or not, since the decision need to be made by my immediate superior. After all, why not? For me, if opportunity = exposure, I would not feel reluctant doing it. God, please bless me. :-)

Over Her Dead Body

Eva Longoria is the main cast of Over her Dead Body film! This is a definite must watch movie!! :)