Monday, February 25, 2008

Singapore Trip Day 1 - Orchard

Yeay, finally i managed to spare some times to update some of the shots we snapped in Spore. So for those yg tak dapat pegi tu, we all took some pictures for you guy to view..nanti2 kita plan lagi okay.. if not singapore pon ok..we can plan for some other places..cuti2 malaysia pon ok! :)

First day we went to Orchard Road, did ONLY A LITTLE shopping spree. Even some of us reminded each other not to spend easily. So one of the ways to prevent us from simply shopped any items that we fell in love at first sight, was to multiply the currency..hi hi hi ..

heh..look at my buncit!!

okay proof you guys that i was @ orchard :p

us enjoying mc d's..kesian giler laney tak dapat masuk pic..hahahaha

ni kat mane eh laney? lupa

me posing in front of Fashion Bar, Clarke Quay..didnt manage to get in any bars/clubs pon.pokai! :P posing je lebey..hahaha


nieja said...

nxtime g hols rmai2..
konpem best..

Miss Ilah said...

tu la ing..
mu initiate lah..boleh??

sassychix said...

hey there
i was wondering if I could add your FashionBar photo to our "FASHION BAR GROUP" in

Let me know :)

Miss Ilah said...

sarah : sure you can :)

sassychix said...

ok cool,
please join the group too ! :)