Sunday, February 17, 2008


Guess what's the latest shocking news in the world??

I'm getting engaged in 3 months time.. :)

I still can't believe this going to happen very soon. But U guess now its the time. People say 25/26 is an ideal time for you to get attach with your partner. So i hope i took the right move for now :)

I took advantage of last CNY holiday to go back to my hometown to do at least, a simple preparation. the memorable occasion will be on the 1st of June 2008. I know a lot of them been asking why did we pick 1st June as the date. My reasons are simple :

  • school holiday almost ends, ke dah end by that time
  • I tanak nyusahkan my mom, since 30,31 my sister kawin, I just nk buat straight je, meaning takde la cabut then pasang balik
  • I tanak susahkan my other family and close friends yg duduk jauh, coz nanti diorang kena balik dua kali. One weekend for my sister and one weekend for me

I am so lucky to have supermom like my mummy. She arranged and listed everything that I should prepare for it. Boleh tak, she insisted to prepare an invitation card for my engagement to give out to my friends. Huhu..never been done by others before :-p tapi i know she's the type yang nak everything is perfect and in order.

I could say that I havent prepared quite a lot. There's a lot of things in mind, i think i'll need to list down some portions of it..

1) What to wear - theme silver, so i guess i would be wearing silver.

2) The ring - this is the most important item! honey, please be back so that we can choose together?

3) Photographer - my sis suggested azmi sentral and have to book him fast. still deciding.

4) Barang2 for hantaran - not so much since just engagement. mummy has the list. :)

5) what else what else...sapa2 yang dah experience tolong suggest pleaseeeeeeeee..

p/s: ni baru engagement. wedding preparation would be more fun.excited, excited. :P


Azzril Zolhaili said...


who's 25/26? im still sweet 18 dear... hehehehe :p

aleen said...

congrats miss amber chia!!!
(i already knew the news earlier ngeheheh)

so happy for you both!
am i invited?

Miss Ilah said... fast!! :p
but im so scared and nervous..!
hey of course you are invited.u are A list u leh jalan2 kelantan.:)

nieja said...

mayb x leh blk time tu..
vabi la..
final exam tyme tu

GraZie said...

ooo...CONGRATS!!! wonder you're glowing in the office nowadays. :P

Miss Ilah said...

Thanks gracie :)
is it that obvious?? :P