Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Singapore Trip Day 2 - Sentosa Island

Day 2 punya lah we promised each other to get up early, since we thought off going to the zoo and Sentosa Island. But as usual..the three of us still loved sleeping more than anything in this world, we ended up waking up at about 12 pm. Then it took us about 2 hrs to get ready (plus the waiting queue for the shower ).

So the plan going for 2 places reduced to 1 place jer la..we decided to go to Sentosa since me and Elina have never been there. Zoo tu anytime boleh pegi aje..

Sentosa was full of fun and excitement! Even though its not as huge as expected, but still we had so much fun together, especially the luge rides. ..once is never enough..am right laney??

3 of us by the Sentosa beach.dah la kena kacau ngan "Bangla" navy!! iskkk!!!

Getting ready for the Luge rides.!

Destination point. sempat lagi ambil gambar :P

Sky ride. laney rugi tak beli the pic that day. next time we buy k??

me and elina having a blast in 3d max theather.

Many thanks to Ms Laney and buddy for taking care of us and bringing us to fun places in Spore. To lynn, q, reen, salmi, bobot jgn jeles nanti we organize the trips again k ..:) hi hi hi.


nieja said...

wah..besh gilew..

Miss Ilah said...

jom ing kita gi ajak mirnah and mimie