Monday, February 4, 2008

Azimah's Farewell Lunch

Today as usual I arrived late at work, around 8:20 a.m. To my surprise, I was the first one who walked into Level 8. :p
About 9 am I got a buzz on my MS Communicator saying that today's Azimah's last day. Azimah is my big boss's secretary. I was quite shocked hearing the news since I thought her contract was just renewed. They told me that she was leaving for a teacher programme, cant remember what do we call that? Well, its a great move for her i guess..To celebrate her last day, we went for farewell lunch, and of course its on my boss's budget. We had lunch at D'Canteen, located close to Central Market. Food was Ok, suitable with the price :D . I dont have any photos during lunch, but I got all the shots taken by our department photographer, Nirwan

Azimah's looking so sweet..

Mr Agil representing our department giving out farewell prezzies.

The ladies in KM.

We had to go off early for lunch since most of us had a presentation to be done for the Steering Committee. I was quite nervous at first place since my boss requested me to present on our platform. However, as the presentation went for quite some times, I felt a bit comfortable and the audience was quite happy with the overall stuff that we showed.Clap Clap!

My boss asked me to present on the next meeting with the Plant Managers. Im not sure whether I should take up the job or not, since the decision need to be made by my immediate superior. After all, why not? For me, if opportunity = exposure, I would not feel reluctant doing it. God, please bless me. :-)

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