Saturday, June 5, 2010

Birthday Wish List..(Datang lagi) :P

COUNTING DOWN...Two more days to my birthday!! oh ya, as usual, i'll have my own wish list for my birthday present!! :0

disclaimer: illustration below is just my wish..not a hint to anyone.. :)


I want a personal laptop. I can't be utilizing my office laptop for personal surfing that is so wrong.. :) Dell Netbook will suit me, its tiny and light, i can even carry it in my handbag hehe!

L'occitane Almond Supple Skin Oil

I was introduced to this lovely mist by my dearly best friend Iman. (blame you for this darl! :P) hmm.. the scent is mesmerizing, and it stays even after u shower.and the best thing is it sticks to your shirt. :-)

Thomas Sabo!

Any item from Thomas Sabo would be a bless to me. :-) especially the charms/pendants. empty bracelet without charm pon okay. semua pon okay................(demand betul hehhehhe)


Lingeries freak like me would be so happy to receive any items from La Senza/Blush/Wacoal/., but i do think that lingeries in Cotton On are not bad and comfy to be worn. Plus its affordable! Topshop/Dorothy Perkins pon cantik!!

Belanja makan

Ini hadiah paling best. kat mana2 pon okay...:) hehehe

hmm..kalau ada lagi, i continue lagi k?? nite dears..

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tradisi Turun Temurun :)

Mesti ada orang pelik with the title above. :-) Actually, i felt like posting this since last week. but tak ada masa. So am taking a little off time from my busy schedule( busy la sgt) to share with you on this.

Just very recently, I found that a cousin of mine, Syabila a.k.a Baby, has a diary on her own. Baby is now on Standard 3. The funniest part is that, my couz, Nieja told me that before she actually wrote the diary, she asked "Kak Nieja, betul ke K ilah tulis dlm diary dia yg dia x suka Abg Mat and Kak Mimie" hahahaha. i think she just tried to get some ideas what to write in her diary.

And the second funny part is, i asked her to get the diary so i can read. then dia dengan senangnya cakap, "tunggu jap". Hehe knowing me as an evil couz, i took the snapshot of that diary. Enjoy ~ :)

This is what she wrote :

Hari ini saya pergi por dickson dengan keluarga. Saya pergi por dickson kerana ayah saya ada kursus.
Andai nak tahu tak yang saya tak suka dalam family saya?
Abang saya yang saya tak suka

:P. continue below.....

Cuba awak teka kenapa saya tak suka abang saya? Saya tak suka abang saya sebab abang saya suka marah dekat saya. Kadang2 abang saya membeli pistol. Abang tembak saya dengan pistol dia. Hah! Itula saya benci dekat abang saya. Kadang2 baik kadang2 jahat.

Hahaha. kelakar betul baby ni :P this reminds me when i was little. masih ingat tak entry saya pasal diary saya dulu. How i miss that :) . and what made me laugh was she actually wrote the reason why she dislike her brother. , just like what i've written in my little diary. ha ha ha. Diary dia ada 2 pages je setakat ni.

hehe, Takkan la penulisan diary ni dah jadi tradisi turun temurun kot? :P

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I wanted to writr sthing but too sleepy! :-)