Saturday, June 5, 2010

Birthday Wish List..(Datang lagi) :P

COUNTING DOWN...Two more days to my birthday!! oh ya, as usual, i'll have my own wish list for my birthday present!! :0

disclaimer: illustration below is just my wish..not a hint to anyone.. :)


I want a personal laptop. I can't be utilizing my office laptop for personal surfing that is so wrong.. :) Dell Netbook will suit me, its tiny and light, i can even carry it in my handbag hehe!

L'occitane Almond Supple Skin Oil

I was introduced to this lovely mist by my dearly best friend Iman. (blame you for this darl! :P) hmm.. the scent is mesmerizing, and it stays even after u shower.and the best thing is it sticks to your shirt. :-)

Thomas Sabo!

Any item from Thomas Sabo would be a bless to me. :-) especially the charms/pendants. empty bracelet without charm pon okay. semua pon okay................(demand betul hehhehhe)


Lingeries freak like me would be so happy to receive any items from La Senza/Blush/Wacoal/., but i do think that lingeries in Cotton On are not bad and comfy to be worn. Plus its affordable! Topshop/Dorothy Perkins pon cantik!!

Belanja makan

Ini hadiah paling best. kat mana2 pon okay...:) hehehe

hmm..kalau ada lagi, i continue lagi k?? nite dears..

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