Monday, April 28, 2008

The day we went to Bridal shop

Seems like my engagement day is getting closer!

Just had a lil chat with my mom on the progress..and i could say that pretty much we have done a good job! pity my mom that she got more to handle since i am in KL and she's in KB. anyways, a couple of things which i are still not tackled are : -

i) my one more thinking of buying chiffon non-washable. would u think it'd be nice?
ii) chocolates..still deciding which type of chocolates to give?
iii) card..i think a simple card should be not being too detailed or lebih2..its just that maybe they are needed for friends who are not familiar with KB? :P
iv)selendang..! where can i get a nice one? suggestion please! :)

hmm..i think thats all la kot..i hope i can get it done within the next couple of weeks :)

owh is some pictures taken on the day we went to bridal shop. me being the bridesmaid (chubby one!) and my lovely sister, was trying on a wedding gown (not really a gown..i pon tak tau nk panggil apa..traditional gown maybe..:P)


nieja said...

manow ni..?
k.ilah ija x taw lagik boley
balek or dop nant wedding
n tunang k.ilah..
clge ni vabi snguh la..:(
sob sob

Miss Ilah said...

kt kedai kak la.nati dio make up k ilah and kak et.
eh bakpo tok balik nyooooooooooooooooo
motenggggg ajaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

aleen said...

chocolates patchi as hantaran, they are good making the hantaran plus mmg sedap bangatttt! ;)

Miss Ilah said...

aleen, patchi is quite expensive kan? i never bought them but always got it free!or mr azzril nk sponsor??? ha ha ha ha ha

eh oh ya aleen..u tanak datang ke KB?? sedih nya..sob sob

izza said...

k ilah nebbie..nak tunang dah ke?congratulasii :)

Miss Ilah said...

izza: a'ah la..1st june ni..takut!! :P
eh izzah ke izza mana ni?

Azzril Zolhaili said...

apasal u takut?? chocolates patchi? macam sedap jer nakkkkkkkkkk