Monday, April 21, 2008

a deadly criticism

why on earth would people give criticism on what you wear?

why can't they just shut up and mind their own business?

where the hell has the sense of professionalism gone?

what did i do so wrong that they cant just leave me alone without ever disturbing my life?

how do i get rid of these things off my mind..?

it's really whirling through my head and..

for your was a really dreadful..deadly criticism..

i just wished i could turn back time.....


nieja said...

normal la tu..

Miss Ilah said...

no its not normal :(
its just that he is being conservative or maybe he just cant take my eyes off my sexy body ( muahahhahah claim)

Azzril Zolhaili said...

wahh.. gatalnya ilah :p hehehe

GraZie said...

Well, just take it as a compliment! :P

Miss Ilah said...

yeah i think u are right gracie!
jom together we wear more revealing clothes to work..! hahahaha