Tuesday, June 10, 2008

a simple note .

this post goes to my baby, mimie, irvan, aleen, najhan and kamal for the wonderful birthday presents. :)
million thanks to all of you!

audrey hepburn poster by azzril :)
and thanx for hanging it too heheheh

maybe baby perfume and body lotion by mimie and irvan

live luxe jennifer lopez perfume and body lotion by aleen, kamal, najhan


Azzril Zolhaili said...

your welcome, sayang.... :)

aleen said...

ur welcome :)
eh that audrey hepburn pic, posing sebijik mcm ur blog nyer default pic laaa...heh tiru posing audrey rupernyer ngehehehe :p

GraZie said...

The poster looks sooooo nice ... I'm so tempted to get it for my room too...hehhe.

Miss Ilah said...

aleen : hahaha..lebih kurang la aleen. I've been crazy about this pose for ages :P

grazie : go buy it, or make a wish list in ur blog for ur upcoming birthday in aug :P plus u ada new room kan?

nieja said...

finally, dpt jugak poster audrey tu..
akekkeke..;) chomey2..

Miss Ilah said...

nieja : tu la, jangan jelessssssss :P

Anonymous said...

i have exactly the same one hanging in my bedroom wall too! sangat lah gojes kan? tak puas dok tilik tetiap malam ;D

nieja said...


Miss Ilah said...

lola :
really? great, we have something in common! yeah i fell in love with when i first laid my eyes on it. :P

nieja : oi nieja, kot ye pon jealous takyah la mcm tu :p