Thursday, June 26, 2008

A sin which is not forgiven :)

Dear Diary,
I know, i've broken my promise. I've promised to repent but it doesn't work at all.
I've commited a huge sin again. An unforgivable sin which requires you to burn your cash.
Thanks to Maybank Visa Card for giving me the opportunity to commit this sin again :P

Note : Black Zara round neck t-shirt is a present from Et and Naza for my birthday. Thanks and love you!

Nanti i update our lil hang out during this shopping trip kay??


Anonymous said...

update update!!!!!!!!!
miss ur story lahh!

Miss Ilah said...

anonymous: sure sure! as soon as i get the pix k. no story would be good without the pictures :)

Anonymous said...

wheres the update babeh?i buhsannn

Miss Ilah said...

anonymous : sorry dear. im currently on training and hv limited access to the net! i'll update when i'm back k :)