Saturday, June 21, 2008

The New and Old Look

I seriously don't know what to blog. But my eyes are still glued to the monitor, doing unnecessary browsing, and finding something to write.

I realized time flies so fast, and we (me and my man) have known each other for nearly 4 years. cepat kan. Thinking back what have we gone together for the past 4 years (approx), will make you smile sendiri2. hi hi hi

I remember this evening I was having silly argument with him (a healthy discussion ok..), about deciding whether he should have goatee and wear frameless glasses like he used to. I told him that he would look better with those. But, he claimed that he looked better and more.. hurm macho now with his new glasses, without goatee and bigger belly. kekeke. Hm, so I dug back all the photos in my hard disk, to prove that I'm right heheheheh.

The Old Look
This was taken like 2 years back. :)

The New Look (that he claimed so smart lah konon)
This was taken on 6th of June. :p

See, with goatee and frameless glasses you look slimmer and smarter. :P

People, vote which one do you like! The Old Look or The New Look.
Me definitely vote for the Old Look. Vote for Goatee!

p/s : macam auction pulak nak jual azzril. sorry baby .love you.saje je boring ni..:)


nieja said...

the old look!

Azzril Zolhaili said...

Of coz the new look! Score is 1-1

mrazz said...


2nd vote!

Ozy said...

ilah, if u remember la kan, there was an old advertisement in the tv whereby they go, enam setengah!!! enam setengah!!! jual, kuda babylon...........hahahahaha...........

Miss Ilah said...

nieja : thanks for choosing my side dear! :P

azzril : eh amcam. so far u sorang je vote for the new look. 3 vs 1 dah ni. ozy tak decide lg!

aboy : thanks boboy!u have made the right choice ha ha ha

ozy : a'ah la ozy. tp yg ni kuda babylon comel sikit. ozz, u tak vote ke? hahhaha

mrazz said...

if i use other blogger accounts blay vote tak?

or i ajak my friends to vote oso?

ahahahaa. :P

Ozy said...

now, the second look, later (when sudah bergerabak), the first look........hahahahahaha

aleen said...

ermmm i vote the new look..
sorry ilah... (azzril kembang la tu)

i think i have a thing with dark frame glasses :p

Miss Ilah said...

boboy : boleh aboy! dialu alukan! :)

ozy : alaaaaa..i lost one vote dah

aleen : alamak aleen, another vote dah hilang. takpe2, i akan carik voters lagi :-p

thanks for your vote people!

elixa said...

Hi Ilah..nak vote gak la camni..I think both are ok..with goatee & frameless nampak lg sweet & smart..but yg new look pun ok gak..gaya ala2 clark kent, I vote for..hurmm..erm..lemme think..aisey, dunno la for both boleh ke?? :P

hOtdeviLish said...

the old look la smart!!
vote 4 the old look!! (=

Azyyati said...

Nice looks always come with frameless glasses with goatee. Old look, definitely.

Azzril Zolhaili said...

im losing the plot here. new look!!! sayang... vote la new look... you cant get old look and i yg kurus back :p

marlyn said...

kak ilah. nk email ym..

Miss Ilah said...

elixa : yanie, u can vote both..but define percentage please! :P and make sure percentage yg old look lebih tau..hahahahahahaha

hotdevilish : yeah, goatee rules!

azzyati : thanks for the vote darlling u've made the right choice! hmmm frameless and goatee tu mcm familiar to you jah. :p muakakaak

azzril : you lose. face it

hotdevillish :

lluvrunsall said...

gna suke the new look..
sorry kak ilah..hehe..
ok pe...

Miss Ilah said...

huwaaaaaaaa..gnaaaaaa! apa niiii


elixa said...

hihih..ilah, so how's da result..Old look or new look yg menang ni?? nwy, nih my percentage..old look = 51% and new look = 49% :P

Miss Ilah said...

elixa :ha ha yanie. nampak gaya mcm old look yg menang but azzril hesitate to change!! he said susah nk dapat balik the old tummy! :P

Anonymous said...

Bukan frameless laa! The term is "Rimless". Kalau frameless, lenses tu nak lekat kat mana? The whole body of the glasses is called a frame.


Miss Ilah said...

anonymous:thanks for highlighting my mistake. there is no doubt that your english is good. but, you dont have to call me and my friends "bodoh" just because salah cakap one word. its very immature. people make mistake. why cant u just highlight it in a decent manner?