Monday, December 10, 2007

Baby It was Thurrrr Weekend

Hm..I had a blazin weekend last week . Despite some of the ad hoc invitation and surprised visit from my aunt, everything run as planned. Let me recap back on the last two days :)


Got up a bit late since it's been a while since I got up at 12 pm. I've promised my bro, Kyo to visit my mum's uncle, Ayah Li, in Hospital Selayang together with him. Glad that Uncle Li's condition is fine, its just that he needs to undergo several treatments on his lungs infection. I pray that everything goes well. Amin.

That night, as planned, Mary picked me up from my place and drove us to Zaza's secret bday party organized by our beloved Mr Organizer , Terkey (thanks so much to terk for being such a great organizer). The dinner took place at Rahsia, Restaurant and Bar, Jalan Damai. At first we had no clue where that place was, but after making a big round and with help of Terk's instructions, we finally made it.

My first impression was like 'what a great place to relax and unwind'. The place is so quite that you can barely hear the sound of traffic even though its only 2 minutes from KLCC. And the most important thing is they were playing all of my favourite Light n Easy songs :)

We were the first one to arrive, and KA made it after us. Another close friends of Zaza, Shades, Meen and Moon were there celebrating for her bday. The party went well and we hoped that Zaza enjoyed the night as much as we do :) Shades and Meen brought a wonderful bday cake as well as cupcakes.

Later as promised, we went to Eyes on Malaysia, ye lah, ada some of them like bday girl, terk, mary and shades tk penah naik lagi. :p hehehehe so bagi chance. We took the private one, which means only 6 of us will be in it.

Later that night, received a call from Noor and the gang to join them to his occasion at Skybar. Went with Mary since she wants to see her Exxon colleague. Met Nadya, Cooper, Air and Cooper's bro and his gf. Too bad my man is not here. I wish you are here so that you could join us! takpe, next time i promise okay we lepak sama2 k...


On Sunday, Cik sue came over to my house with Gumuk and Baby. We went to Banana Leaf in SS 2, PJ ,and as usual our family talking session began. One thing i could say is, the food there was nice.. i should bring you there one day honey :)

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Azzril Zolhaili said...

hmmmm you do look beautiful day by day la.. cant wait to be back home!!