Thursday, December 6, 2007


Top Things to Do

1) Plan for Singapore Trip. (So far Laney, Lynn, Q have set to go)
-Proposed Date
-Places of Interest

2) Buy Bday Girl's Present

3) Cut My Freaking Dull + Long Hair

4) Organize my data onto new external hard disk and re-format my old laptop

5) Make Appoinment with Dentist

6) Work Stuffs

7) Create my Blogger Image

8) WW and WS :-p

9) Customize my Facebook he he he

10) Buy Aida's baby present

11) Go for gym!

12) Tailor

13) Stuff for Mummy/Papa/My Man

Top Upcoming Agenda

1) Bday Girl Bday Celebration

2) Eid-ul Adha

3) Date with our ex-Boss :)

4) Office Migration

Well, the list looks quite extensive, and I'm positively sure that the it will keep on adding ...:)

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