Sunday, December 30, 2007

Eid ul-adha - KB with Love Day 1

Finaly I got a chance to update the blog about my last days off cum Eid ul-adha. Went back to my hometown on the 19th and came back here on the Christmas day. As usual, I did not feel like going back to work on Wednesday. The feeling of staying and waking up late, dinner and lunch were served freely and the no-need-to-glue-your-eyes-to-your-notebook feeling were still fresh in mind. How i wish I would extend the days..

People said pictures do convey the story..So i dont think i need to explain so much what had happened during the last few weeks. The shots will tell it all ... :)

Day 1 : Eid Ul-Adha

Our family's gathering this year (where the korban lembu took place) was held at Kak Yah's house. As usual, the soldiers start buat rumah orang macam rumah sendiri...

daging tawar we fried it back using our own recipe :-p (couzies and aunties ) doing our silly and the so-called in thing "pout" action

daddy's girls tried to steal some cash on daddy's hand..unfortunately it didnt work well... :p

The Barbeque session on that night ..

gossiping under the hut :p

Day 2 continues on the next post ..... :-)

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gossiping at pondok sayang..