Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hail to the King of Fruit!


Don't you just love the Durian Season? Thanks to Uncle Zolhaili (honey's dad), Gna, and the rest for providing us the best fruits ever :)

These pics were taken during our trip to Dusun Tua Spa @ Hulu Langat. Gna, the chocolate fountain was fantastic and i wanna own it too! Slurrrppp..Sorry if you think some of the pix showing that im so gelojoh eating durian.!

Baby, i think if u are here, you will not be a part of this durian trip gang kot . i know how much you hate durian kan??


ginazz said...

hehe..bli ah..nnti ade function leh wat..mmg best gile klu ade..hehe
azzril nak join?mmg le x mungkin..hhaha..

Miss Ilah said...

gna:jgn hrp azzril tuhhh :p