Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My review on TechEd 2008 finally came out in TheStar :)

Anyway, the figure did not sound right. and they were unable to put my picture due to limited space. But i think it doesn't matter as long as my comments came out! :)


aboy said...

wa... cool nye.
executive? didnt know that. hehe

elixa said...

Woww..bukan senang name nak appear kat the Star nih..glemer kwn aku~~~ heheh..

Miss Ilah said...

aboy: thanks, then aboy ingat k ilah ni apa?? pump attendant at PETRONAS? :p

yanie : ha ha, thanks yanie, tapi figure dia tu salah. tak pasal2 my boss ckp "eh wrong fact" :p

ginazz said...


Azzril Zolhaili said...


im proud of your article :) aboy, k ilah kerja as executive for petronas F1 pit lane girls... :p hahhaha

azzril yg keje pump attendant kat doha