Friday, August 29, 2008

Highlights of Phi Phi trip

The Brazilian Wax

I think i was pointing to the wrong service. Yeah, i finally did it! After so long waiting and at that only time i have the courage. and i was successful in draggin Mary and Mimie as well

I can still remember how did they sound. Mimie was the first one to enter.

Mimie : "Ouchhhh..sakitt"

Ilah : "ouch.." but tinier voice.

Mary : "ohhh man..damnnnn...mek lahhh..kau tipuuu"

The Tsunami Survivor stall ~Mr Samee

We were looking for a nice halal shop and we were very attracted at the way he greeted us. and the big banner of "Thank you sign" did pull us to his stall as well. And while eating, Mr Samee told us the story on how he manage to survive from Tsunami. It was a very touching story and i nearly cried..:~(

The Baywatch scene

Err..actually we were not the ones who initiated this pose. :p it was robyn (the lone ranger we met during the snorkelling trip). Tengok la i ngan zhaf lari mcm nk masuk olympics. caya lah.

Snorkelling Boat Trip gambar posing aja.. i cant find my best shot snorkelling, but i did snorkel me..

The Canoeing

U know what peeps. i can't believe that im actually canoeing. that was my first time. and can't u see how strong i was? going across the ocean? hehehe the canoe was part of the snorkelling boat trip. it was fun you know. and too bad zhaf until the end couldn't grab the canoe..pity zhaf..tsk tskk..


and last but not least.

The jumping frogs

Ok. admit it and believe it or not. this shot is a must. and it took us about 15-20 minutes to get this great shot u know. mesti ada sorang yg x jadi .hahaha finally okay la . thx to terkey for the great shot.

Conclusion , This is a summary of Day 2 activities :)


elixa said...

Finally updated yek..hihih..ilah, ur pic yg baywatch scene tu seyes cam masuk bertanding larian 100 meter..kaki terangkat tuh..giler nampak cam hebat berlari..haha..ape2 pun nice pic dear :D

nieja said...

skali update..

azzrizal said...

waaaa. best nyeeee.
nak giee.. kak ilahhhhh!

Miss Ilah said...

yanie: itu la yanie. mcm nk masuk olympic kan :P thanks dear :)

nieja: ing...what to do..xdoko maso :(

aboy: jommmm plan! ajak azzril :P

nieja said...

jgn lupe ajak ku skali..