Saturday, July 26, 2008

Medan Trip tale.

Dear diary,

it's been a while since i last visited my blog and created new post. Thanks to my mounting workloads and business trips.This is the only day, that i managed to do my laundry, relaxed myself at home and turn on my notebook to do some new blogging entries.

Well, a lot have happened over the past few weeks. I haven't told you the Medan trip story and how interesting it was even though it was only for a while.

Well, my first thought for Medan, was like, not much difference if compared to my hometown. Small but packed, which contributed to heavy traffic. First destination that i went after reaching Medan was the wedding ceremony. Well, i didn't take much pictures over there due to stupid attire that i was wearing. But i can tell you, baju baju kebaya yg they all wearing cantik2222 bangat! At that moment of time, i wish i can stay in Medan longer! huhuhu

Well, the trip was filled up with makan activities je,plus little shopping activity. he he he! Irvan and his sisters did a great job in bringing us to all of the marvelous food shop. We had Nasi Gurih (similar to Nasi Lemak but they replaced with Daging Dendeng), Chicken and Prawn mee (small store but packed with people!), Bakso, and there was one food in one shopping mall which i cant really remember the name.

Oh iya, i also managed to visit one of the houses which resulted from the creative touch of Irvan's sis, Eva. The design was marvelous that i was tempted to ask her to do design for our new house (dreaming je la dulu, kan honey) nanti :)

As usual, my post would be dull without the pictures, i'll let you view some of it k. i tak ambil banyak pix pun, coz was not in the mood of posing :P. anyway, to some of my darlings, sorry i couldnt buy souvenir for u, time was too limited. next trip i'll buy k?? muax! enjoy the pix darlings.

above :this lady matches light blue with skin color corset. nice one, but i guarantee you there were a lot more nicer on that day!

above: some of the shots of the house designed by irvan's sis that i managed to take. cantik kan??

above : this shot was taken while eating that chicken + prawn mee (i dont know whether is that the real name). sedap bangat dong!!


haneejane said...

Really miss your entries laa... Bz banget ek? Best kan g Medan... hehe..

nieja said...

skali update byk gile

Miss Ilah said...

haneejane: tu la kak haneem! i was busy to the max past few weeks :) rindu kat u la sis!

nieja: ing, sie kat ku time ni jah aku ada.hahahahahaha..weih cupcake tu ! :P

nieja said...

tu la cupcke tu haha

mrazz said...

blog update! yay!

Anonymous said...

update lah ilahh!
i boring nie!

Miss Ilah said...

anonymous : darling, i baru je nk update ni :) hheheh anyways, i x leh update pasal shopping sgt nowadays. pokai !

Miss Ilah said...

aboy: boboy like ur new blog!! :) masa aboy msg tu k ilah kat thailand hahaha