Sunday, May 24, 2009

Cry, tears and such

People tend to have different thoughts on crying. Some of them might(mostly guys, no offence) think crying (esp crying women) is pathetic and weak, or could be irritating.

To me, I perceive crying/tears as the other way round.

I admit, i am a woman, who can easily cry. I may look strong outside, but inside, i am fatigue, and weak.

Having said that, I DON'T cry for no absolute reasons.

-I cried when I lost my lovely datuk, nenek and uncles.
-I cried when Papa was admitted to the hospital when I was in secondary school.
-I dropped my tears for happiness or touching moment.
-I cried when I feel sad and really down.
-I dropped my tears if somebody told me that they love me so much.
-I shed my tears when Mummy told me that I'm a good girl and she's proud of me.
-I cried when I got a 58/100('C') marks for my Agama Islam paper when i was Standard 4.
-I shed my tears when thinking on good times and bad times.
-I shed my tears if i did something bad to somebody.
-I cried when I lose people that I love.
-I cried when I feel alone.
-I dropped my tears when i really..really miss somebody.

So folks, don't perceive those who cry are weak. They have reasons when they cry. Why should they waste their tears for no reasons?

and, i am not a drama queen ;-)


Laney said...

hehe not a drama queen ye kak melah?

Miss Ilah said...

laney:muahahha..u think?? :p

Azzril Zolhaili said...

dramaaaaaa :p hehehe

Yanie said...

ilah..setuju sgt!! women can easily cry 4 whateva tak bererti kita lemah :)

Miss Ilah said...

yanie: saya sokong!!