Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sneak peek.

Was so happy receiving package last night. What's inside the package?

Well, i'm giving you a sneak preview on it, and i purposely blackened my face so it will not spoil the surprises (even thought the fact was it was due to "Indonesian maid" look of myself) .

So here's the thing.

I am desperately seeking for serious and honest opinion from all of you to comment on it.

I feel that its a bit loose. hmm probably i'd lose some weight ? :-p perasan perasan..

what do you guys think? if u feel that it needs to be more fit and needs to show more curve, please do tell! Coz i nak hantar ke tailor!!

this is important people! this will determine my fate on the 1st of June.

but seriously, i rasa a bit loose.


hOtdeviLish said...

kak ilah, btol la nmpk cam longgar tu..hurm...

nieja said...

longgar la k.ilah..
but bju tu chomel..

Miss Ilah said...

hmm tu la pasal......
tu la aku rasa aku makin kurus lah muahahhaha

lluvrunsall said...

bju dah cun dah..hehe
bt yes loose skit..
agak mmg dh kurus la 2..

izzah said...

nebbie longgarr..kasi ketat siki hehe

Miss Ilah said...

yeay.majority voted the same :) yes im going to send it to the tailor first thing by tomorrow.

Gna: thx gna! dah buat ke baju?
iZZah : thx izzah! weih jom la lepak lama gile tak jumpa ko!!

izzah said...

aah lame giller kan tk lepak hikss
lamer tk gossipssSSsSS.jomlaa!!anyways, congratulations yer babe :)

lluvrunsall said...

baju dah antar dah..siap je belum..hehe
hows the preparation?
ok ke?klu ade pape gna leh tolong,bgtau k...
me no prob je... :)

Miss Ilah said...

insyaAllah, Gna. Thanks :)

anyway, i dah pegi alter, the tailor informed that it has to be reduced two inches.hmmm.. nanti we'll see the results k!

GraZie said...

Good luck on your longgar baju! It's gorgeous!!!

Miss Ilah said...

thanks ms gracie.!
but it did reveal my buncit tummy a bit :p