Wednesday, May 28, 2008

i'm home :)

dear diary,

hey, hv reached kota bharu safe and sound.
nieja, don't be jealous. :p , or are u here already?
and u know what was the most stupid thing i've ever done in my life?
i came back home for my engagement,
yet i forgot to bring back my engagement ring.
stupid kan ? :p
ni semua coz i put that ring inside the my bed side table drawer.
whatever it is, this news is restricted to be spread to mummy. for sure she's gonna blow up ha ha ha.
luckily couz mirna is still in KL. thank you mir sayang u :) bring me back my ring k?
owh ya i haven't posted my engagement ring pix kan? tunggu lah, after 1st june k..


lluvrunsall said...

ha ah kan gna lupa nk tnya psl ring tu...
gorgeous x?mesti la ak..
cant wait 2 see it...hehehe

aleen said...

hoi! mcm mana la leh lupa the ring? aiyooo..
i bet ur enggagement dress will look good and fit perfectly on you...
save me some patchi okay? heheh kidding..

Congrats in advance..wish i can be there :(
p/s: kim salam sama pok yel

Miss Ilah said...

ha ha.
tu la pasal aleen.luckily my cousin was still in KL.
hey i did save u some patchii, tapi dah lembik while on our way to KL :(
ha ha ha :P
nanti come tengok pixxxx!

hOtdeviLish said...

ish cincin tunang pown bleh ttgl! apOlaaaa...huhu (=

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

babee...update plis about ur engagement and pixxxxx

Miss Ilah said...

anonymous:sure sure. nanti tonight if possible i'll update k? :)

nieja said...

blog update! hehe

Anonymous said...

ilah..where's the update????

mrazz said...

kak ilah! da update. tgk laaaaaa.
mane pic banner tuh?

Ozy said...

i've tagged u -

Miss Ilah said...

anonymous:sorry!!! suddenly workload getting heavier and had no time at home.
nanti i promise to update k. janji !

aboy:tak sempat nk online ahahahahaha ok nanti k ilah view jap lagi :P thx aboyyyyyyy