Tuesday, May 20, 2008

B'day Wish List No. 1 :)

Since my bday is getting closer.. (hint.. hint :p) , the first item which will be on my wish list is ....

Audrey Hepburn Poster from IKEA

Sapa nak volunteer beli this one for my bday present ???? :-p

Nanti i sambung my wish list in the next post. There's more to come. You guys pilih yg mana u nak bagi k... ha h ah ah ah aha..demand gila! kiddin aja dong ! :)

Disclaimer : my wish list is only for my own obsession.. :)


nieja said...

k.ilah saing ija ado bli poster ni kat ikea aritu..comey key..

k.ilah blk kb bilo?

Miss Ilah said...

tu la tapi mahal sangat.
dats why kena mintak as present :P

blk 27hb malam. how about u?

nieja said...

owh.. ija abes paper on 30.. 10.30am abes paper, but rase cm xdop ticket pagi after 10.30am..mayb balek mlm tu la..x smpat la akad nikah ;(