Thursday, May 22, 2008

P.S I love you. . .

sometimes there's only one thing left to say..
p.s i love you.

believe it or not, this movie shed my tears.. :~( . shout out to guys in this world, please please please be as sweet as Gerry!! tp i don't wish for the guys to die fast. i just want them to be sweetttt and charming :)

anyway, watching this movie, inspire me for my next birthday wish list (B'day Wish List NO. 2) :-p which is P.S I love you novel, written by Cecilia Ahern. this beautiful movie must be inspired by this wonderful novel.

ni tak mahal sangat kan? ;-p


haneejane said...

hi ilah,
it's me, kak haneem. nice blog la dear. btw, i got 2 copies of this novel. U nak as birthday gift? sure i can give it to u. give me your address dear.

getting enganged ye? that's a good start babe. like me, im married 1/2hour after getting engaged!

take care sis!

Miss Ilah said...

kak haneem :
hey thanks! well, the bday list ni saja2 aje but can also act as a hint! :P

u serious u have the copy??well, i am very much happy to receive it!! yeah getting engaged.i hope this serves as good start.

how are you dearie? lama giler tak jumpa!

haneejane said...

im serious la dear. email me ya:

tue la..lama x jumpa. im still in kelantan. teaching here. contact la ye.

ops, lupe plak.. congrats! hehe

Miss Ilah said...

thanks my dear. ok nanti i email k :)
eh nati mari rumah ilah on 1st of june :)