Thursday, December 11, 2008

There Will Be Times~

There will be times you will feel unhappy with everything in your life. . .

In fact, i'm feeling it now. Suddenly everything seems crashing my brain and made me did 360 degrees thinking.

I know some of you might think i lead a happy life, but trust me NOT really.

For example, my current job is not the kind of job i would love to do. I dreamt of doing significant work, which is crucial to the organization, and without the job that i'm doing the organization has the potential to lose the business. I want it to eat up all my hours, so you know that it is important.

and sometimes even if i feel like i have everything, but at the end i ended up with dissatisfaction. the feeling of unsatisfactory will always be there. and those are the things which keep me rethinking on how to improve life to live to the greatest.

and even if you feel u are surrounded by beautiful circle of love, family, friends, but at the end u ended up breaking their hearts, because of your uncontrollable actions and what you say which cant be reversed.

my conclusion is, humans will be never satisfied with what they have in life. and the feeling of this dissatisfaction will lead you to say something wrong. something bad. which can have impact to others.

oh and again, this post is not meant to anybody. don't get me wrong. im just feeling uneasy tonight due to no absolute reasons.

I just need my Morris to teman me tonight. :(

good nite all.


nieja said...

hurm, normal la tu k.ilah..
ija rasa org lain pon mcm k.ilah


aida edot said...

hormon xstabil la tuhhh..
u need to always be grateful with whatever u have in life cos that's what we muslims do!!
bersyukur ape yg ade..

Azzril Zolhaili said...

you dont need me?

Miss Ilah said...

nieja: ing, yeah i guess it applies to everybody. thanks dear. Ha ha. Google Morris kalau nak tau sapa dia and make sure u enter the keyword "Feeling"

aida: thanks a lot dearie. i know masa tu hormon tak stable. tension with my work and the environment. the work itself is not that bad, but the environment making my life miserable

honey: of course i do :) tapi u jauh sangat :P