Sunday, December 7, 2008

Crazy over Betty's Belicious!

Attention to all ladies,

I'm sorry for keeping quiet all these while. I was trying to find some times to gather what are the things to write for my next post. And after few weeks of spending at my bro's friend's boutique, i figured out why not i display what have me and my couzy bought and at the same time promoting her clothing line? Err.. but i supposed she doesnt really need my help anymore since all of her items are sold out within like..3 days? but im still tempting to display it coz we are crazy over the collections! enjoy the pix and thanks to my couzy coz jadik my part time model ha ha ha ha

If you are interested, please feel free to visit her website -------->>> Belicious Boutique

Casual wear


Office wear

Night out



Anonymous said...

cool..and she's cute

nieja said...

baju last skali tu cam besar jah..

Fahmi Rosli said...

too bad beb........u can't wear this to work........bummer......

Miss Ilah said...

ozy: yeah of course. tapi we can always mix and match hahahaha
ur girl tak minat ke? :) promote22

Fahmi Rosli said...

mix & match error = fashion disaster...........hehehehe...........hmmmm, y dun u do the promotion when u see her........... =P

Miss Ilah said...

oz: i'll try.. :P or i bring her to the shop straight lah!