Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A day of celebration that paid off

Aidiladha.. a great celebration in a peaceful month December cum the monsoon season . ;)
People always claimed that if you go to Kelantan the celebration will be much more merrier. Well actually i tend to agree with that. It is true. Some of my friends didn't even bother going back to their hometown.

But to us, maybe Kelantanese, (correct me if some of you disagree with me), hari raya is hari raya. When there is festive season, it is a compulsary thing to gather with the beloved family.

Shot below was taken on the first day - early in the morning. All of us just got back from Sembahyang Raya and visiting our late grandpas, grandmas and uncles. Al-Fatihah~.

It was a peaceful morning i would say, plus great food prepared by my mom of course. im on diet, i needed to save all the food to be eaten during lunch time. susah!

Oh ya, what's Aidiladha without the lembu2? hurm im so sorry i didnt manage to take the shots of those cows. we arrived quite late. look how ramai my family member is below? this only separuh ok ..hi hi hi. this is our relative's house, where the korban ceremony took place..

And later that night, since we have like, surplus of meat. . well of course our next plan would be the barbeque! yeay. at least i contributed some efforts.if u look at the pic below, i prepared the desert, well at least half of it .;P the rest were prepared by some of us, the chef (nieja), et, mimie, mirna, cik na, teh. on that night itself, we celebrated a simple cake-cutting birthday party for our cousin. Well, me as a dedicated pianist in that house, played the lovely birthday song. oh ya, in that pic i was acting like a crazy pianist, so thats why u can see the hair so serabai hahahaha

The last session would be the "ketupat" session. hehe u know what i mean. i enjoyed those moment. makes me miss my family even more while posting this.. :( now will u excuse me . . i need to doze off. so ngantuk. nitey nite :)


nieja said...

rendu nak balek kb :(

ketupat session perkara wajib!

pic2 itu smua chantek
sbb mgunakan camera pink ku!
ngeh ngeh`

Miss Ilah said...

nieja: ya ya..forgot to credit u :P thanks my dearest nieja for the lovely pics hi hi hihi

nieja said...


GraZie said...

Wooh - didn't know you could play the piano!

elixa said...

ketupat session? hihih..kelakor le ilah..tapi tuh mmg perkara wajib pun ;P

Azzril Zolhaili said...

she only plays wedding song very well