Sunday, April 18, 2010

*Two Thousand Nine*

Hello April,

It's been 4 months since we entered 2010, and this marks 4 months i've been in the marriage life. Time goes by so fast, people go in and out of your life..

We've all known this fact, so you must never miss the opportunity to tell all of these people, how much they mean to you. Apa artinya aku tanpa kalian. he he .

I've been meaning to write this entry since welcome 2010, to welcome new life, and new journey. I must admit, for me to sail through the coming chapters in life, I still need my lovely people surrounding me, and over here I'd want to convey how much i cherish most of you for always being around me..

Recapping 2009, many remarkable events happened in everyone's life. .which i feel like listing some of em below.Sorry kalau i ada termiss any important event, if you found any, pls remind me.

February 2009

The month my best friend became Al Ala Fil's soul partner.

May 2009

The month my other best friend ended his single life. (Sorry takde gambar)

and also..

The month when me and my girls went for an amazing trip to Jakarta together (Rinduuunyaaaa,,, Ke sana lagi Yuk!)

June 2009

The month my lovely and cheeky niece came to the earth, Qaseh Mia Irdeena. Qaseh is now a big girl..:)

and not forgetting..

The month Lola was brought to home..:D

October 2009

The month my best friend finally locked Maliki in her heart.

November 2009

The month Allah has blessed our family again with Mummy's and Papa's 2nd grandson, Ezran Khaleef.

December 2009

The month my best friend finally tied the knot with her knight in shining armor, Rahman

and last but not least.. the month i became the bride, and married to Azzril Zolhaili.

Hope I will be blessed in everything that I do for this year..


Laney said...

mcm best kan kita semua kawin tahun sama.. haha

yana said...

I love this post so much!!!

mrs. rahman said...

nabilah, aku bg award kat ko., sile tgk blog. hahaha

Miss Ilah said...

laney:tu kan! laney bila ko nak dapat baby :)

yana : terima kasih,

reen tut : award apa tu man , aku dh tgk, tp x paham sangat..hehehehe

Laney said...

kawan2 jom kita buat baby bersama2 pulak.. hahah nnt leh dorg jadi geng jugak!

Miss Ilah said...

weih laney ko dah dalam perancangan baby ke??? join222!:P

diyana said...

hi ilah!! im so glad finally i found ur blog! ilah i loved ur wedding! and can i ask, who designed your wedding dress yang dekat cyberlodge tu? the one shortsleeve tu... im getting married and looking for designer and loved ur dress. thanks
my email :