Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm Yours. . .Mraz ;-)

I bet most of you knew Jason Mraz's made his tour in KL 4th March 09. Well, of course, yours truly made her effort to go there after office with Imee, my colleague and planned to meet up my bro and El, Mimie, Megat and his friend over there.

Mraz was not disappointing us. Even though i didn't know most of his songs, but at least, we can sing along the song Remedy, You and I, Geek in the pink, I'm yours and Lucky. But a little dissapoinment was the duration of the concert. It was too short. It didnt even reach 2 hours. hurmm..

Okay, the best part during the concert was when he was asking the crowd before he sang one of the songs.

"Who here came to this concert with a best friend?"

Then, the crowd was cheering out loud and then he asked again.

"Who here, came to this concert with a best friend, because he/she is crazy in love with the best friend?"

Then the crowd was cheering even louder. So sweet kan ;-) but i couldnt even raise my hand because i came with my siblings. :p they sang the song "Lucky" almost towards the end of the concert. but i hate the Colbie's substitute. rosak lagu je! hurmm..

hehe if only i could meet him in person that night!

anyway, some pictures to share with you during the concert..enjoy k

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