Monday, February 2, 2009

The story of "Milah"

Introducing... this is my new friend. Her name is "Milah". kekekkeke..comel tak???

A good friend of mine gave it to me few months ago. This friend of mine, however, didnt want the name to be revealed, yet. so i'll keep it discreet for now kay,

As what been said, Milah will always be by my side whenever i feel down. She will be my company through good and bad times..and even if i felt lonely and no one is around, Milah will always be my best friend..

Thanks so much to you, dear..and thanks so much for making me rise again when i was really, really down... and i know, with your wonderful kindness, you're gonna be happy in your life too later..and i'll always be around whenever u need me too ;-)
We'll always be best friends kan??

Nitey nite . . .

1 comment:

nieja said...

milah yang comel!

milah n ilah.
bestfriend aha!