Sunday, February 8, 2009

The bridesmaid story

I spent two days of this week with my best friend, Herlena Shee for her big day. The solemnization was on Friday, 6th Feb 09 and held in her hometown, Seremban.

I've always been impressed with weddings, impressed with how the couples kept their love blooming all the time and ended up with wonderful marriage. The happiness clearly shown on their face during akad, and i am always amazed with the sincerity of the bride and groom's expression. It did touch my heart, and i cried when the groom had successfully done with the solemnization, and from that moment, my best friend, has been legally married to Mr Al Ala Fil. I dont have any pictures yet since i need to copy from most of girl friends. I'll upload as soon as i got from them.

Don't think i never imagine on how my weddings would be. I've always been thinking about that. I want it to be full of love. I want it to be earnest, truthful, and both the bride and groom must enjoy the moment and enter the marriage life with sincerity. I've always dreamt of that. :-(

The reception, was held the next day, 7th Feb 09, and it was beautifully held in Dewan Tun Rahah, KL. From the way i look at it, i would like to extend my greatest "Bravo" wish to her 4 sisters, they are so bonded together and they worked so hard just to ensure her beloved "cheche"'s event run smoothly. All the moments inside the hall was like so memorable, with the songs sang by angelic voice, Zaza and songs that being played, until i cried during the rehearsal when they played that one particular song. :( i'm sorry, its just my mood lately been swinging like crazy. and every little thing surrounded me did bring emotional part of myself. but i tried my best to stay calm and happy on that night.

What was my role? Me being the dearest bridesmaid for the night :) well, lynn i hope i did a great job. It was lovely and i am soo proud to be your bridesmaid. Even though part of my "kain" nearly burned because of the candle on the stage :P. takut giler i buat scene tadi coz kain terkena candle. huhuhuhu. People around me kept saying that if you be the bridesmaid, you're not gonna marry any time soon. Betul ke???

The only pictures that i have are from my sister's and couzy's cameras. Once i obtained all, I'll share again with all of you. At least, i want to showcase how beautiful the bride is, and not to forget the groom :P

To Lynn and Al, Congratulations again. I wish you have wonderful life after this and bring out great and cute kids! Nanti Auntie Ilah bwk jln2. Al, please take care of lynn elok2 ya ;)

p/s: sorry for the bad quality photos. kitorang ambik pakai camera biasa aje. nanti kita collect from photographers yer..

above : bridesmaid pose. mcm tgh tunggu sapa la. :P


nieja said...

grand nyo wed dio.
mesti best.

baju k.ilah comey!

eh, kurus molep dio lonie

I m a n said...

omg!!!!!!!!! ilah u look so super skinnnnnnnnny okay! i so want to try that herbalife!!. heyyy kenapa cantik nak mati. n im loving that bridesmaid dress. where did u get it from??

Miss Ilah said...

iman:hahahhahaha jom la tryyyyyyy...:P
oh the bridesmaid dress tu baju mimie.indonesian made :P
weih whats ur phone no?